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Pinsal Falls of Pangasinan

"Pinsal Falls and Agpay Falls are one and the same... I think so!"

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-my pagnapagna-
(September 15, 2016 a Thursday)

I alighted from the bus at the City of Urdaneta in the province of Pangasinan particularly at the 168 mall and there I waited for "Marj", our good friend who resides at San Nicolas. Instead of taking a passenger van, I took a back ride with "Marj" on his motorcycle from Urdaneta City to downtown San Nicolas. She brought me to the terminal area of tricycles going to the barangay of San felipe and there we parted ways.

I then rode a tricycle that brought me to the drop-off point to Agpay Nature park. Thinking that it was just some few minutes of walking towards the waterfalls, we agreed that he will just wait for me and I left without paying the fare.
After passing some rice fields, I arrived at Agpay Nature park. Nearby was an irrigation dam wherein there was a pool area favored by the locals for swimming.
I approached the lady washing linens and asked her where is the Agpay Falls.
She answered, "Ay didyay Pinsal Falls ah. Idiay pay ngatu" (Oh, that's Pinsal falls which is further up).
She then instructed me on how to get there and said it would be some thirty minutes of walking. So I went on walking to where she told me but I lost my way somewhere and luckily I saw a man plowing his field with a"kuliglig". He told me to walk to the other side of the stream and follow the trail.
Further along the trail, since it was now going uphill, I was again not sure if I was going on the right track. Again, luckily, I found these two guys getting firewoods. They became my impromptu guides.

Along the trail, at the river crossing, I came upon these.
These are sacks containing "karot" which is a kind of root crop from a wild vine.
They are immersed in water for some hours or maybe days to get rid of its toxic juices
 to be sold at the market as food.
We went further up and it was a long way up.
Finally, yes finally, we were walking upstream that led to the waterfalls.

The waterfalls was quite high with another smaller lower cascade. Its pool area was too shallow and not even wide for swimming.

After getting some photographs and videos, we went back on the trail (12:25 pm).
We parted ways at where I met them and went on along the trail on my own.
At the Agpay nature park area (1:15 pm), I saw some kids swimming at the pool area. Walked further out of the park into the ricefield and into the residential area by the barangay road.
Since I was out for a long time from the time I left the tricycle, he was now nowhere to be found. My guess was right, he left.
After I had a snack at a roadside store, I started walking my way back along the barangay road (1:37 pm). 
After some few minute, I finally got a tricycle ride (1:52 pm) going to downtown San Nicolas. At downtown San Nicolas, I went to see the tricycle driver whom I rode earlier and paid my fare afterwhich I went to visit their Church. 
Another tricycle ride to get to the nearby town of Tayug where I got a passenger van ride going to Urdaneta City and from there, I rode a bus bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

     Subject: Pinsal falls
     Location:   Barangay of San Felipe East
                      Municipality of San Nicolas,
                      Province of Pangasinan
     How to get there:

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