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(My Two Days in Abra): Tayum fet. Gabriela Cariño-Silang Gallery of Fine Arts

" With all the Churches and other old brick structures, I felt like I was in the Ilocos Region and not In the Cordillera Administrative Region"

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-my pagnapagna-
(September 17, 2016 a Saturday)

The heavy rain had just stopped and at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, we went to the municipality of Tayum to see the Gabriela Cariño-Silang Gallery of Fine Arts.
At Tayum, "Martin" the caretaker of the gallery opened the gate to welcome us as we went inside and met retired Ambassador Rosario V. Cariño. There I came to know that the retired ambassador was also an artist by heart that's why he has some of his paintings displayed along with his collections of different European and Asian artworks. 
"Martin" toured me around the house and constantly hums a tune when he waits for me to finish taking videos (sorry for that).
They have some memorabilias of the late Gabriela Cariño-Silang, various paintings that includes a Picasso's and many antiques among others, so feast your eyes.

Posing with an old long gun in my hand
Gabriela Cariño-Silang Gallery of Fine Arts
Teodoro Balmaceda Street, Poblacion, Tayum, Abra

This House of Nicolas Cariño was where his niece Gabriela Silang sought refuge after the execution of her husband Diego Silang by the Spaniards. Here she decided to continue the Ilocos revolt. Schemed her military strategy and appointed two locals as Generals: Miguel Flores and Tagabuen Infiel. She made this house her temporary Headquarters.

For appointments: Rosarito Cariño
Gallery Fee: General - 100 Php
Student- 15 Php

After that tour, we went to see the Santa Catalina de Alejandra church known also as Tayum church (Not part of the Gallery tour). 
Its doors were closed at that time so "Martin" had to go ask permission from the church's office.
We went inside the church from the back door that connects to the office area and climbed the stairs into the belfry.
From the gallery of the belfry is the view of the nearby municipalities, the Abra river and distant mountains.
After that breath-taking bird's-eye view, we left the church and went to see the other old structures nearby.

Tayum's cradle of Holy Spirit Missionary (S.sp.S.) Sisters in the Philippines;
Sisters Cyrilla, Hieronyma, Cleta and Cortona. Arrival Jan 17, 1912

Teodoro Brillantes Ancestral House.
Unfortunately, this has been abandoned due to lack of funds from the
NHI (National Historical Institute), I was told. 

We should have gone to see the dyeing area they used in the early days but it was getting dark.

I thank him as I rode a tricycle going back to Bangued, Abra where I'll be sleeping for the night.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Special Thanks to:
"Martin" and George Lalin for the added tour around Tayum


     Subject: Gabriela Cariño-Silang Gallery of Fine Arts

     Location: Municipality of Tayum,
                      Province of Abra
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  1. Hi! Great post. I was just wondering how long you would recommend to spend time in the museum? Around how many hours?

    1. An hour is long enough but it is a case to case basis. It really depends on the content of the museum. Thanks for visiting pagnapagna!