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[Walk in the Park] Mines View and Wright Park

"My visit to Baguio's two public parks and did a sketch at one of them"

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-my pagnapagna-
(September 3, 2016 a Saturday)

Although the sun showed up once in a while, the weather was generally overcast and when it rained, it was a heavy downpour. 

I stepped down from the jeep I rode from Baguio City proper to this so called Mines view park.

Mines View park
I entered the gate into an open area that sloped down to a painted concrete wall where one, two or a group can have their pictures taken. If I was not mistaken, that was a gathering area or an activity area where they can have programs such as a small fair if ever the needs arises.
At the left side was the stone covered steps and next to it was a ramp with stainless steel handrail that all led further down.
There were some plants being sold at the sides of the steps and there I saw the "everlasting" flowers that were made into garlands. I particularly noticed that one as it became iconic to me. Those were used to be bought by my parents when we visited Baguio City during my childhood days.
"Everlasting" flowers

 At the end of the steps was a smaller area where at one of the benches was a St. Bernard dog. I actually saw two of them around wherein they were being offered to visitors for a photograph with a fee. At the distance were "photograph with the horse", "dress-up like an Igorot" and try your luck shooting coins on a net/basket.
Walking along a short ridge into another descending steps will lead to the main area of the park which is the observation deck.
The area overlooks towards the distant mountain ranges of Benguet and that of municipality of Itogon. As Itogon is well known for its mining industry of gold and copper thus the name "Mines View".

The distant mountains as viewed from the Mines View observation deck
 After some few minutes of lingering around, I rode a jeep for the next nearby park.
I went down from the jeep into the road leading to the horses area of the park.

The Wright Park
The park has horses for back-riding. These horses varies from ponies to stallions as well as colors. Yes, colors! From natural to dyed pink for your fancy. 
One can ride them at a small track around a small forest or at various destinations around the City.
Just nearby is a flight of steps that leads to another area of the park.  It has a central gazebo and a parking area.
Looking up at the trees, I saw shoes, not only one but three pairs tangled and hanging on the branches of one of the larger trees. I just wondered what were they doing up there.
At the gazebo, visitors have their selfies taken. I also saw two prenuptial photo shoots happening there.
What really made me sit down and do a sketch was when I saw a "dap-ayan".
"Dap-ayan" is an outdoor (open air) gathering or meeting area where they sit down fronting a fire. Recently, I have a fancy for these.
As I made my sketch, some of the visitors of the park would come and see what I was doing. They would compliment with their kind words.
The security guard sat down with me and we talked. He came from Natividad, Pangasinan but lives now in Baguio City. He said that they secure the area away from illegal vendors such as the one selling leather belts wherein inside the belt is just cardboard and I learned from him that the park comprises of two areas, the lower where the horses are and the upper which is the main.
The main area of the park is the long stretch of fishpond (with koi fish) where along its sides were lined with pine trees. It was the extended park plan for the "Mansion House" that can be seen at a distance.
It was raining at Wright park that afternoon

 We talked quite a while until he had to go. I just forgot to ask about those shoes hanging on the tree.

After I had finished with my sketch and a few more minutes into the afternoon, It began to drizzle until it rained hard.
(For my Sketch CLICK HERE)
With an umbrella, I walked back to the roadside and rode a jeep bound for downtown Baguio City.

-end of pagnapagna-

Mines View Park

Wright Park

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