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Kaikanan Falls: My hike

"The waterfalls' location is somewhere between the two municipalities of La Union namely, San Juan and San Gabriel. With my inquiries, they usually say that the waterfalls is of San Gabriel's"

Please let us practice the LEAVE NO TRACE (LNT) Outdoor Ethics when going to these nature places. Let us not write/etch on its rocks, trees and other surfaces. Manage and dispose our waste products properly and minimize our impacts.

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-my pagnapagna-
(October 12, 2016 a Wednesday)

As I arrived at the San Gabriel Public Market (6:36 am), I went to the other side where the San Gabriel-Bacnotan road is located. That must be the front of their public market.
I started walking northwest (6:52) on that road and seen a passenger jeep passed by going towards Bacnotan (a nearby municipality after San Juan).
I kept walking, passed by an Elementary school, a bridge and then through some rice fields.
Just after the rice fields, I turned right and took that branching road that makes its way to some residential areas of Candaroma, San Felipe East, San Juan (7:17). Walking further, I can see an irrigation canal by the roadside and saw someone washing something at the irrigation canal. I approached her to ask directions and found out that she was preparing a root crop called "Karot".

"The interview". Forgive some Typo-error on the last annotations, I needed eyeglasses :-(

Afterwards, I went to the nearby dam (7:42), crossed it to get to the other side and walked along a trail. I kept walking along that trail that finally leads down to the river.
After a short walk, big boulders now abound (8:15). I went to the other side of the river, hurdle some of the boulders and to my delight it was not an endless plethora of boulders for above was a small clearing, a small patch of sandy oasis.

"Along the way". 
Note: I did not got hurt when I slip at the last part of the video, I somehow managed to control my fall 
and the point-n-shoot camera just swayed on a string while I stumbled.

I had to keep on going and climb a what was seemed to be an elevated bedrock. It must be around 8 to 10 feet high.
I kept on going and I can see the waterfalls at a distance.
The bedrock just before the waterfalls was slanted. It had gone up on one side and I had to be very careful not to slip as spring water was flowing on its surface promoting some moss growth and other slimes.
I made it in front of the waterfalls (9:00) but still some 15 feet away.
I made one step but felt the surface was slimy-slippery so I aborted my advance and just stood there staring at the waterfalls.
It was so ironic, I was in front of the waterfalls but cannot go near it because of the slippery slanted bedrock.
I had to wait for the sun to dry up some parts of bedrock. In my mind, I thought that I would have brushed (literally with a brush) the bedrock surface if I had one at hand.
After some few minutes, the sun which peeked once in awhile on that gloomy day, dried some parts of the bedrock and I finally made it to the waterfalls.

On a patch of dried bedrock. The wet ones were slippery!

A monument at one of the levels of the waterfalls' bedrock

After lingering there for a while, gray clouds were forming at the distant mountains and it was time to leave (10:48 am).

With my backpack, I went back on the trail.
Made it to the irrigation dam (11:04 am), to the barangay road and rode a tricycle going back to downtown San Gabriel.
At San Gabriel, La Union, I took a jeep ride bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

My cascading Thank You goes to 
sir Fabro a.ka. "J. F. Lemonade"
 of San Gabriel (now in U.S.A) 
for the information regarding the existence 
and location of this waterfalls. 
Maraming Salamat.

"video clips of some of the cascades along the river and the Kaikanan falls"

Subject:   Kaikanan falls
Location: (Along Boundary of San Juan to San Gabriel)
                Municipality of San Juan
                - Barangay San Felipe East
                Municipality of San Gabriel,
                - Sitio Bato

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