Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sapilang Falls revisited for its upper cascades


"Most likely, a waterfall can have other cascades along its tributary"

-my pagnapagna-
(November 20, 2016 a Sunday)

I needed a companion going to this adventure so, there were two of us.
After riding a jeepney that directly terminated inside the compound of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University - North La Union Campus (DMMMSU-NLUC), we went walking towards the trail to the waterfalls.
Along the way, we asked from people how to get to the upper cascades of the waterfalls but no one had a say about it except one man who said "Agkalipkip kayo a dita igid bantay nga kannawan ti sangbay ngem alwadan yu ta agtintinag ti bato" (You have to hug-grip your way up along the side of the mountain at the right side of the waterfalls and be careful as rocks fall). Afterwards, we had a second thought but we kept walking towards the trees of "rambutan" and down to the river.
We finally arrived at the waterfalls and saw four people who were already having their picnic. We presumed they were lovers and they were roasting something on the fire that they had built.
After a short stay at the waterfalls which is the main cascade, we went looking for some probable trail going up at the side of the mountain some 50 to 100 meters before the waterfalls.
Just like the man said, whom we asked earlier, "Nagkalipkip kami" literally and climbed the steep slope of the mountain. In the thick bushes just a feet or two fronting my face I can hear a "meow" of what sounds like a small kitten inside the thick foliage. I called my companion to verify what i was hearing. He did also hear it and we diverted our way up not to walked on that area. It must be a wild cat, the "musang" and dug a little nest under the ground covered by the foliage.
Carefully, we were making our way up grasping on roots, shrubs or whatever we can cling on as not to fall on the steep side of the mountain.
I had a muscle workout on that climbing with all my senses alertly awake. After a long "struggle", drenched with sweat, we were delighted to see a what? A trail!
Yes there was a trail above!
We laughed a little saying that what we did was a "short cut" which was actually a dangerous long cut.
Anyway, we went walking along the trail that led to the immediate upper cascade of the waterfalls and rested while enjoying the view.

At the immediate upper cascade of Sapilang Falls

After a few minutes, we went upstream. It was maybe 10 to 15 minutes when we arrived at the uppermost cascade.
We decide to take a dip in its small and not that deep cute basin (bowl).
It was refreshing!

Shorter drop than the main cascade is this one located farther upstream

Back on the trail, we followed the "real" trail. It was a narrow trail wherein there were some sort of obstacles along the way such as a fallen small trees/landslides that must have been due to the recent typhoons.
We finally made it down and the two pairs of "partners" or "couples" should I say were still there near the waterfalls having their picnic.
We left the place and had a snack at DMMMSU-NLUC.
Afterwards, we rode the jeep and we were bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

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