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YEARender 2016


"Time to wrap-up this year's pagnapagna with the annual Year Ender"

-a year of pagnapagna-
(year 2016)

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As they say "Love is lovelier the second time around". That must be the case here when I went back for a second look of this mountainous and remote barangay(village) of the municipality of Alilem in the province of Ilocos Sur.

Thanks to an adviser of the group KAtayagan Mountaineering and Outdoor TEam (KAMOTE) based in Agoo (La Union), pagnapagna visited these two waterfalls located at the municipality of Tubao in the province of La Union.

A feast of colors painted on houses at  a hillside in the cordilleran municipality of  La Trinidad in the province of Benguet.

My two days in Abra was well spent with the visit to this remote waterfall in the municipality of Tineg. "What an experience" was all I can say about the ride.

And at #1 spot:
Aside from the various waterfalls that abound in their vicinity, their barangay (village) came up with an environment-friendly place to live.

The distant mountains of Alilem (Ilocos Sur) and Bakun (Benguet)
 across the Amburayan river as seen from the road going down to Barangay Up-uplas.

"Usapang Tortol (Turtle Talks)"
One of my recent advocacy is all about the turtles.
If I am not mistaken, they are the only reptilian sea creature that travels and lives around the world's seas that are born on land.

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"Kaparkan Falls (My two days in Abra)"
Because of the waterfalls' pristine beauty, people are very eager to see it personally. But since the easiest way going there is through scheduled weekend tours, inquiries about whom to contact bombards this pagnapagna's post.

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Clap clap clap for 2016!
CHEERS for 2017!

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