Thursday, January 12, 2017

Baluarte : Something old, Something new


" With something new, the old became whole again"

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-my pagnapagna-
(January 4, 2017 a Wednesday)

The old watchtower of Luna, La Union which is also known as "Baluarte" had been through worst of the times. The latest was the toppling of its other half in the year 2015.

I went to see this structure again as its toppled half was re-constructed.
Upon arriving at the area around two o'clock in the afternoon, I was surprised to see it as a one whole structure. Although the toppled half was not used, its construction was quite impressive.

A chunk of the wall that toppled lay almost buried among sands and stones 
as the newly reconstructed "Baluarte" looms above.

 It really looked quite good and neat. One can see the old front wall with its darkened bricks as distinguishable from the new re-construction. I've never seen this structure as one piece and there it was, one rotund structure.

They were still laying the tiles on the newly constructed promenade that surrounds the structure when I went there. Surely after everything would be done, it would be a great place to just sit down and look at the sea or the sunset while reminiscing the historical significance of the place and the rotund structure where our ancestors once used it as an outpost to see the incoming marauders from the sea. 

The Historical marker now placed and attached to the structure.
With these latest developments of the "Baluarte", the once most photographed among the old spanish-era watchtowers that dotted the coastline of La Union will again take its spot in the La Union tourism itinerary. 

-end of pagnapagna-

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Subject: "Baluarte" (Old Spanish-era Watchtower)
Location: Barangay of Victoria
Municipality of Luna
Province of La Union
How to Get There:


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