Monday, January 30, 2017

"Napisi a Bato" (Biak na Bato)


"A rock formation along the creamy white sands of Santiago"
- pagnapagna

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-my pagnapagna-
(January 29, 2017 a Sunday)

Our newly formed Artists group in La Union which is "Timpuyog" was going to attend the "Kannawidan" Festival at Vigan City (Ilocos Sur) and we were in a van owned by our co-artist couples June and Marilou Austriz of Luna, La Union.
At the municipality of Santiago, instead of going straight along the national highway, we turned left going to Santiago cove to see the Vitalis Resorts.
After our brief "look-around" and photo-shoots at the resort, we departed taking still that coastal road going towards north. Some 5 to 15 minutes down the road, we dropped by this rock formation along the coastal road.
We were hesitant to enter at first (it was a gated area) but after knowing that the entrance fee was affordable, we paid (actually paid by our artists couple friends) and went inside.

The rock formation is called "Biak na Bato" or translated in english as "Splitted rock". It is a huge rock that is jagged that seems to have been split into two.
The small area is a park where one can have picnics.
It is believed that the rock was splitted due to bombardment during the Japanese period (World War II).
After the groupie pics and everything, we left bound for the "Kannawidan" festival.

-end of pagnapagna-

Subject: Biak na Bato
Location: Municipality of Santiago
Province of Ilocos Sur
How to get there:
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