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Walk in the Park: Rizal Park, Igorot Garden, Malcolm Square and Sunshine Park


"to drop-by and sit, talk for a while or just to simply pass-by"


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-my pagnapagna-
(February 17, 2017 a Friday)

Rizal Park
As I approached Burnham Park, this park was what greeted me.
A monument dedicated to the national hero of the Philippines who is Dr. Jose Rizal.
It was a small park overlooking the Burnham park wherein above it was another park and farther above was the Baguio City Hall.

Igorot Garden
Undoubtedly dedicated to the people of the Cordilleras, Igorot Garden or Igorot Park is another park where people sit, wait, pass time, meet people/friends, play chess and the likes. It is a place of convergence of the cordillera walks of life.
The "Cordillera Freedom Monument" the sculpture of five Igorot men displaying their strength is the centerpiece of the park.

"Cordillera Freedom Monument"
A Sculptural Tribute to all ethnic groups of the Cordillera Region
Who struggled against colonial rule and aggression. 
We honor their sacrifices - men, women and children.
They protected not only their highlands
but a heritage - intact and vibrant.
We memorialize their heroism with a bronze
sculpture depicting warriors huddled
in a vigilant stance.
Garbed in traditional clothing, head pieces and
adornments - they carry their unique
weapons and shield.
Warriors of a nation coming to terms with their
role in their country;s unfolding history.
This monument is dedicated to their legacy of
freedom that future generations may continue to
cherish and honor their gallant ancestors.
National Historical Institute
Baguio City Government
Igorot Park Baguio
March 31, 2002
TOYM De Leon Imao

Malcolm Square
I sat down at the sitting area that served as plant boxes surrounding the trees. 
Afterwards, looked for somewhere to post myself and do a sketch.
I found it more strategic to sit down on the steps near the bust of "Malcolm".
As I did my sketch, the "elders" came to sit beside me as it was an area where the trees cast their shadows. I heard them talking about medicines/dialysis and the likes and for a moment, it made me remember my deceased father.

The park is full of line patterns of stripes that compliment the kinetics of walking people and sometimes pets. They come and go just like the directions of lines in the grounds of the park.
Malcolm Square is known also to many as People's Park.

Sunshine Park
From Malcolm Square, I went to visit the nearby park located at the back of the Baguio Museum. I passed by the Igorot park and the Burnham park.
Yes it was sunny that morning and the name of the park was just appropriate for the day.
Sun sunny day it was.
It has a lone shed (waiting shed) and a covered stage where people (students mostly) utilize it for their rehearsals (dance, etc.) or just to let time passes by.
Not much to see, but it was a nice break-away from the busy street beside it.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Subject: Sunshine Park
Location: City of Baguio
Province of Benguet
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