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The Viewing point at Ambiong


"One of the mountain tops where one can have an overlooking view of the City of Baguio is this one in La Trinidad. Its name sounds like Mount 'Katchup', 'Catchup' or even 'Ketchap'. Its true spelling as well as its name remains to be verified"

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-my pagnapagna-
(March 26, 2017 a Sunday)

It was around 6:30 in the morning when I arrived at the City of Baguio.
After inquiring from a jeep barker, I immediately went looking for the jeep bound for the barangay of Ambiong which has its terminal at Dagohoy street at the northern back end of the Baguio Center Mall.
I found it and went inside the jeep which was still half filled with passengers. While being filled with passengers, the driver started collecting fares. I paid 8.50 pesos as fare and said that I will be alighting at the intersection going to the Ambiong Elementary School.
It took some few minutes before it was completely filled with passengers that it finally departed at 7:01 and arrived at the intersection at 7:12.
I started walking along the road going to the Ambiong Elementary School. Few meters before the concrete hollow block fence of the Ambiong Elementary School (left side of the road) there are small trails going up the mountain. I started walking my way up on one of these going to a patch of pine trees above near the said fence of the school. After passing through these pine trees, there was a clearing and walking further will reveal the much anticipated panoramic view of Baguio City.

The pine trees and the concrete hollow block fence of the school

It was a wander land above wherein I wander along the trails that led to the different levels of the mountainside overlooking the city of Baguio. Although there were some few houses at the sides, I was basically lonesome in that part of Benguet on that Sunday morning.

Wow, pitcher plant thrives in the area

with Quirino Hill as the Backdrop

Few minutes later, on my way back, at a distance, I saw a man pasturing his cow. I slowly approached him, greeted him good morning and then we talked. From him, I came to know that the place is privately owned by individuals and some of the area was previously planned for development to accommodate a Hotel. The owner of the lot previously bulldozed the area (clearing the area of pine trees) and unfortunately in 1992 a storm came bringing flash flood along the Balili river below that swept most of the pig pens and shops located along it.
He also told me that the place is mostly visited by the young-teenagers where sometimes they camp-out overnight in the area. 

"Although we do not prohibit people from visiting the area, they should at least be ashamed to leave their garbage like broken bottles", he added. "I pick up their plastic trash because if our cows ingested it they cannot defecate and later on they will die".
It was a very informative conversation we had but I had to go. I left the area using the same trail going back to the intersection at the main road where there were jeeps waiting for passengers going back to Baguio City.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Subject: Ambiong Viewing point
Location: Barangay of Ambiong
Municipality of  La Trinidad
Province of Benguet
How to get there:


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