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BUDAHAW Falls: My Second Time Around


"All year round water on this part of Burgos, La Union"

Please, Let us practice the Leave no trace(LNT) outdoor ethics when going to these nature places. Let us not vandalize, etch/write on its rock surfaces and manage our waste products properly. Let us LeaveNoTrash!

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-my panapagna-
(April 29, 2017 a Saturday)
(Continued from the previous post Shopdisan Falls)

From the "Shopdisan Falls" (10:36 am), on our way back, we once again hopped from one rock to another and ten minutes later, we were at the junction of the two rivers.
We kept walking and replenished our water bottles with spring waters along the way.
We finally arrived at Budahaw Falls.
Since it was summer, although lessened, its falling waters were still good with regards to volume.
The waterfalls consisted of three tiers or cascades wherein the one at the middle was its main cascade thus, it also has the widest and deepest basin or pool area.
My guide told me that the waterfalls are gradually being picked-up by hikers and nature-lovers that once in a while tourists visit the said waterfalls.

We lingered there for a while and after which we went back to that uphill trail (11:47 am).
It was good that the sky was cloudy that day. The heat was greatly lessened and still it was "pahirapan" going up but still manageable knowing that it was a great form of exercise.
With constant rest and a long rest at one of the houses along the way, what a great site, I can see the parked tricycle above.
We made it to the tricycle (12:40 pm) and sigh!
A ride going down and made it to the Market area (12:59 pm).
We went to eat at a "carinderia" and after which I took a bus bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Video clips of our hike from Shopdisan Falls to Budahaw Falls and
back to the road with "Sherwin" leading the way.


Subject: "Budahaw" Falls
Barangay Bilis
Municipality of Burgos
Province of La Union
How to get there:
From Manila take a bus bound for either of these : Laoag City, Vigan City, Candon City, Bangued (Abra), or La Union. 
But you have to get down at the Plaza of Bauang, La Union.
Then walk your way to the waiting shed located at the road going east (Naguilian Road) fronting the Municipal Library of Bauang. From there, wait and ride a bus bound for Baguio City. Get down at barangay New Poblacion of Burgos, La Union (it is near the Public Market and a walk away from the Municipal Hall of Burgos). Walk up to the Market and ask for a guide (tricycle drivers) or you may try to visit their Municipal Hall during weekdays.
Recommended Guides: "Sherwin" or "Jun"


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