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Kalugong-Tayawan-Yangbew TRAVERSE


"Taking these three mountain tops on the same morning"
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-my pagnapagna-
(April 2, 2017 a Sunday)

To Mt. Kalugong 
From Baguio City, I rode a jeep bound for Camp Dangwa (La Trinidad, Benguet) wherein I alighted at the branching road near BMS (Benguet Memorial Service- Upper Cruz, La Trinidad), walked my way up (6:51 am) and arrived at the subdivision's gate (7:03 am). Walked further inside the subdivision that was still on-going development and finally arrived at the Mt. Kalugong Eco Park (7:10 am).
The park-keeper was there to collect fee of fifty pesos (50.oo Php) after which I was free to roam around.
Aside from the tables under the pine trees and the different ethnic huts, at the rock formations above was a cafe. I went inside to see whats brewing.
The place was quite neat with few "cordilleran" items on display but then I went for the overlooking view of the La Trinidad Valley at the back balcony.

After a sip of coffee, I left for the the nearby Mt. Tayawan (8:40 am).

To Mt. Tayawan
From the Eco Park, through a rough road that was still under construction, I walked towards the Tayawan viewing point.  At that time, there were construction workers doing some renovations at the shed that serves as viewing area. They were also sun drying salted meat.
I left the area and continued to walk (9:10 am), passed by a cemetery and down to the Tawang Barangay Hall (9:17 am).

To Mt. Yangbew
From the Barangay Hall, I walked towards the main road then right-turned and walked passing by the Elementary School (9:24 am) and finally arrived at the jump-off road (9:28 am).
An all uphill walk on a cemented road that continued to become a dirt road and then into a trail. Just after where the uphill cemented road turns to a dirt road, there were fee collectors (inside a parked van at that time).
I continued walking uphill and made some several stops to rest along the way.

Finally, I made it to the top (9:50 am).
Quite surprising to see horses at the grassland peak.
These horses are actually for hire that cost 300 pesos per hour or 150 pesos for 30 minutes.
Under the scourging heat of the sun, I found my spot at the "rockies" and started sketching.

With just a shirt over my head to cover me, I can feel the UV rays burning up my skin. Once in a while, I get a bliss of shade from the passing clouds above.
And just before noontime, a much thicker cloud hovered above and released a tinker of droplets but for just some few seconds.

Time to go down (12:40 noon) . I started to walked my way down on the same trail and arrived at the main road below (12:54 noon).
After waiting some few minutes for a jeep, I finally rode a jeep (1:07 pm) bound for "Pines Park- Lubang", arrived at the "Pines Park" area (1:17 pm) and walked my way towards the main road.

At the main road of La Trinidad, I decided to ride a jeep, alighted at the Provincial Capitol Building and walked my way up to a nearby area where one can see the Valley below. Afterwards, it rained then I left for Baguio City and finally for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Unfortunately, pagnapagna's traverse was not complete. To continue the traverse, one will have to go down further  to barangay Shilan at the back of Mt. Yangbew.

But after some few days, I went back to Traverse Mt. Yangbew.
CLICK HERE for the account/story.

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Subject: TRAVERSE: Kalugong-Tayawan-Yangbew
Location: Municipality of  La Trinidad
Province of Benguet
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