Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mt. YANGBEW Traverse


"I revisited Mt. Yangbew to complete a short traverse which I did not in my previous visit"

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-my pagnapagna-
(April 17, 2017 a Monday)

At Baguio City, I rode a jeep bound for La Trinidad and alighted at the intersection going to Pines Park (at Kilometer 4). From the highway, I walked, crossed a bridge that runs over the Balili river into a parked passenger jeep bound for Tawang.
I rode the jeep that departed on a one lane uphill road into the residential areas (8:08 am). After few minutes, I was in Barangay Tawang at the drop-off to Mt. Yangbew (8:25 am).
I braced myself and started walking on that concreted road that turned into an earth road and eventually into a trail. With lots of rest along the way (including taking photos and videos), I was finally at the summit (8:54 am).
And came the collector of fees.
Not including the locals manning the area, there were just around 3 to 5 visitors at the summit. And there was just only one horse being offered for back riding, handled by a young boy.
With the wind blowing, I enjoyed the cast shadows of clouds as they glide along the slopes of the grassy summit and not to mention, it gives a temporary shade from the glaring sun rays.

To complete my "traverse", I continued walking uphill towards east that eventually became downhill (9:47 am).
I saw some visitors (one with guitar) under some few small pine trees wherein nearby was a sign that reads: "Camping Area".

I kept walking, walking and walking into some few houses and finally into a bigger road (10:19 am).
At that road, I went northwards (descending) and finally arrived at Halsema Highway and nearby was the Barangay Hall of Shilan (10:27 am). From there, I rode another jeep bound for Baguio City for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Subject: TRAVERSE: Mt. Yangbew
Location: Municipality of  La Trinidad
Province of Benguet
How to get there:


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