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"It's one of the most attended festival in the province of La Union but there is one thing that the festival should evolved into"
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-my pagnapagna-

Day 01
(April 7, 2017 a Friday)
Thanks for the free jeepney ride provided for the event from downtown, I was at the bay walk area at around some few minutes before 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the sun was still in its shining glory.

At the stage was a band playing some songs. 
I went to take some shade where the stage had shadowed at some monoblock chairs near a LED monitor wall. I was alone there, just passing time and waiting for more events to take center stage.
Few minutes more and the zumba performers arrived in groups. Most of them were enrolees to some of the fitness groups or gym classes at the city center. Joining them was the contingent to the "Sunset run for hope" which is a fun run.

Nearby was a "Bonsai competition and Suiseki Exhibit".
Suseiki? It is a naturally occurring miniature rock formation of some sort that they infuse it with the bonsai landscaping. At the Sillag Village was the "Sillag Delights" a food and trade fair where one can charge up gastronomically.
At the fair was a "static display" by the military. I saw visitors were having their selfie's taken beside the cannons and tanks or simply with the group of the military men.

The festivities went on but it was around 6:30 in the evening when I left the festival just before the other programs of the night to avoid the influx of crowd.

Day 02
(April 8, 2017 a Saturday)
Unfortunately, I did not attend the festival for the reason that our artists group "TIMPUYOG" had an Art Exhibit opening at Pilgrims Inn and 3D Art gallery of "Bahay na Bato" in Luna, La Union.
However, here were the events for that day at the Sillag Festival:
-Golf Cup
-Fluvial Race "Lumba ti Bilog"
-Kite Flying Competition
-PMA Marching Band and Silent Drill
-Street Dancing competition (with light-emitting costumes)
-Concert by the band "Hale"

Day 03 Finale
(April 9, 2017 a Sunday)
(Palm Sunday of the Holly Week)
I again took shelter away from the sun as we waited for the "Air show".
 I put on sunblock lotion earlier for extra protection from the radiating heat of the seaside wide open space.
First on the air were the group of Cessna airplanes from the local aviation school.
Next, if i remembered it right, was a lone single engine aircraft which was Italian designed and finally to cap the airshow were two fighter jets that came all the way from Clark Air Base in Pampanga.
All of them had several fly by. Although they seem so far up in the sky (last year,was lower/closer for the Cessna planes), I understood that it was for safety reasons.
I saw "No-face" or "Kaonashi" of the Japanese animations and studio Ghibli's "Spirited away" among the characters at the cosplay.
Two clowns were also there to entertain the people at the children's playground of the baywalk with their skills of joggling and magics.

They waited for the late afternoon to turn into evening for the performance of the LED and fire dancers which was among the crowds' favorite and mine too. Afterwards, the different floats paraded all the way from the city plaza adorned with different lights followed by a program awarding of winners and giving certificates of appreciations.
I went farther away from the staging area into a seawall near the Sillag entrance, getting ready for the pyromusical show (fireworks). I sat there on top of the wall looking at my cellphone once in a while checking for the time and if ever some messages and laid it in front of me.
The lights went out, I heard the emcees counted down and there it was the fireworks lit up the sky.

Although that marked the night's and the year's festival finale, there was the concert that followed and I left the area. On my way out, I checked for my cellphone and It was gone. I left it at the seawall. I went back hoping that it was still there (a gamble - a one in a million chance in that crowd). I was lost and can't seem to pinpoint the particular place where I sat before. It was frustrating and I wander wonder where. Then out of the blue came a boy in his bike and gave me my cellphone. "Nabati yu sir" (You left it sir), I was very thankful to him.
As of writing this blog entry, I am still very thankful to you and you know who you are if you ever read my blog story. God Bless you and your family. Keep up that great attitude, you're in the right track!
Still, people were pouring in to the festival for the night is much cooler and probably for the free concerts. The only road leading to the festival was in a heavy traffic. I think they came late or because they were caught in the heavy traffic.
It was a "pahirapan" to get a ride but luckily, I chanced upon the free ride provided by the festival and I finally got to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

P.S. Personal:
I mentioned earlier that there is one thing that the festival should evolved into.
 The Festival was a great help to the City's as well as the province's growing tourism industry and providing a festival to the people which I am very grateful. As an advocate for "pawikan or sea turtles and more", I hope that they restrain from releasing balloons into the sky (they fly away by the hundreds?) as their remnants will most likely end up in the seas that endangers its residents.

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