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Red Clay-Pottery Craft (PAGDAMILIAN)


"One of the 'Things to do in La Union' is visit the RED CLAY Pottery Crafts and its PAGDAMILIAN"

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(May 26, 2017 a Friday)

I came to know about "Red Clay Pottery Crafts" at an Agri-tourism fair held at San Fernando City (La Union) last February 21, 2017, a Tuesday. That was then the celebration of the 167th Foundation Anniversary of the Province of La Union.
I had one or two visit to "Red Clay Pottery Crafts" from that time until recently, when I got to visit it again.

On a passenger jeep bound for Bacnotan at their terminal parking area (at the northern part of the San Fernando Public Market-Dry Market), we departed at 10:26 in the morning.
Passed by the "surfing area" of barangay Urbiztondo (San Juan) at around 10:39 am and at San Juan town proper at 10:45 am. After some few minutes, I went down at the "Red Clay Potttery Crafts". It is somewhere at the near end (2 to 4 stalls towards the northern end) of the pottery zone which is along the national highway in barangay Taboc.
Along with other pottery stalls that dotted the area, "Red Clay Pottery Crafts" displays their products of pots, vases and others that are for sale to passers by.

Yes, as their tarp says so, they offer pottery lessons.

The stall keeper told me that there was a slight change in their stall as they had a road widening in the area.
The more interesting part of "Red Clay Pottery Crafts" is the one not seen from the national highway which is the "Pagdamilian". 
I went to see the "Pagdamilian" located some 50 meters at the back of their stall.
Previously, it was the production area of their pottery business but now turned into a workshop area where one can have a hands-on in the craft of clay/pottery making.
I got to talk to Mr. Dozen Baduyen who owns the pottery business at the "Pagdamilian".
In our conversation, I came to know that its previous business name was "Pick N Pay" then "Pik n Pay" but since it was already being used by a commercial establishment in Manila, after giving it some thought, it is now the "Red Clay Pottery Craft" that is known today but he plans to incorporate the word "Pagdamilian" in its business name later on
He told me that hopefully there will be some major development in their "Pagdamilian" area towards the end of the year or in this coming year which will greatly improve not only the "Pagdamilian" and its garden (which is also open for venues) but the area towards the seaside.

It was just a short talk with him and a little tour around the "pagdamilian" where afterwards I went back for Home Sweet Home.

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