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Upper Cascades at Tuba (Lamtang Area)


"I only got to see its lower cascades on window-view while riding a bus. I just sat inside and wonder, hoping someday, I got to see it up-close and personal"

Please let us practice the LNT (Leave No Trace) outdoor ethics/principles when going to these nature places.
Manage our waste products properly (pack it in, pack it out), don't leave your trash. Let us not vandalize/write/etch on its rock surfaces as well as on trees. Be respectful of the community's culture and traditions.
And watch out for flash floods. Keep safe always

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-my pagnapagna-

July 13, 2017 a Thursday
I alighted from a Baguio City-bound bus at around 7:30 in the morning, just before a bridge at Naguilian road at the intersection with Pico-Lamtang road.
I went to a store nearby (Baltazar store), bought a coffee in a sachet (2 in 1) and mixed it with a hot water from a thermos costing 12.00. While sipping hot coffee, I began to inquire about the nearby river and its waterfalls. The store owner told me to just take the road near the bridge and walk my way down to the river area.
I went to the road just beside the river where above it was a big concrete head of a dog on a mountain side. Farther down the road, it turned to an earth road and into a trail just above a house. I called on to the house but nobody seemed to be around so, I went further to the trail that led to a creek and up to a plantation of sayote. There I met a lady gardener whom I asked about the river and its waterfalls. She gladly showed me the trail going down to the river which I followed.
Boulders as big as a small house abound at the river and most of these were just resting and leaning to each other while water makes its way through spaces between boulders. I've seen two natural pool areas and so as two considerable cascades.

looking down at the 1st pool area

 The first cascade was not that high carving its way at a bedrock and at an underside of a boulder.
The second cascade makes its way through the space between leaned boulders. The water falls inside the cave made by these boulders. I can only see it from the small opening on the top. 
After some few attempts to go down to the second level area, I failed as I don't have the skills and courage to go further down. I do not want to take chances, I needed a rope to hold on to.
After taking photographs and videos, I left the area and went back to the trail. Fogs began to set in as I made my way back to the Naguilian road where the bridge was. There, I rode a jeep going to Baguio City with 15.00 fare. Just few minutes at Baguio City and I went back to Home Sweet Home.

July 14, 2017 a Friday
Early morning and I was back.
Equipped with ropes, I made it down to the second lower level. Although not that high, I really needed a rope for safety, I can't take any chances.
I maybe needing only one but I had two ropes to be exact. I utilized one rope for lowering my backpack but used both to hold on to. I made it down and went to see the cascade inside those boulders. But unfortunately, it was still hidden and obscured by the big boulders.

The second cascade is somewhere hidden inside those boulders at the right

 I just went at the edge of the river bedrock to see if there were more cascades. It was the same, boulders upon boulders piled up as the waters drop into the spaces between them. The waters were lost before those pile of big boulders. They also hide the view of what became of that river.

Boulder pile up at the edge of the second lower level
 It was end of my exploration but I had one more thing to do.
I took a spot, sat down on a elevated bedrock and made a sketch.
Early on my sketch
Things done, I climbed back to the upper level, back to the trail and made it at Naguilian road.
At Naguilian road, I walked further to photograph the much lower cascade that I was aiming for.  Hoping that I got to see it up-close and personal. For the meantime, a very distant photograph will do.

Taken from the roadside (zoomed) is this lower cascades which I did not got to see up-close

After which, I was bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Outdoor Sketching

Lamtang Tuba Upper Cascades


Subject: Upper Cascades at Lamtang area Tuba
(Near Boundary of Irisan, Baguio City)
Barangay Tadiangan
Municipality of Tuba
Province of Benguet
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  1. Amazing... thank you for sharing. This is near my hometown. I am certainly inspired to visit this place next year. Thank you keep up the wonderful content my friend!

    1. Very much welcome and Thank you for appreciating!