Saturday, September 9, 2017



"It was indeed a Blessed Day"

-my pagnapagna-
(September 9, 2017 a Saturday)

Around 8:14 in the morning when "Erwin" on his tricycle and I left the Public Market to visit a nearby waterfall. Along the way, we were accompanied by "Paul" (in his motorbike) who was familiar with the immediate vicinity of the said waterfall.
We parked at the trailhead and crossed the road to get down.
The trail can barely be seen as it was covered with overgrowth of grass and shrubs.
"Paul" led the way as he brushed away some of the overgrowth. "Erwin" followed while I trailed behind. 
The trail led to a plantation of tiger grass on the sloped mountainside. I stooped while walking to minimize having contact with the blades of the tiger grass. After few minutes, we reached the stream below.
Although we were at the stream, the waterfall was still some 50 meters upstream. After resting a couple of minutes, I walked my way further upstream to be in front of the waterfall. 
While taking photographs and videos of the waterfall, I noticed something at the corner of my eye. I slightly turned my head and to my surprise there was a man. He was in a fetal position. My first impression was he was a "homeless man" or what we call in Filipino as "taong grasa" (grease man). I thought he was just sleeping or taking a nap as he slightly moved his head, looked at me and then laid his head back to its previous position.

"Adda tao ditoy" (there's a man here), I called my companions.
They came and found out that the man was badly injured (severely wounded).

From what I've seen, he has a very deep and long cut (slice) along his left forearm that started from the anterior elbow joint going down. It then slightly curves to the posterior of the wrist. I saw some fats dangling out from that deep cut. The flesh was literally exposed (as if I can almost see his bone). My companion said that he has also a small wound in his head.

"Paul" recognizes the man as he is from that area. Later on, in my conversation with "Paul", he told me that the injured man has a wife who was pregnant. The injured man has also a carabao (water buffalo) that he puts to pasture for grazing but that is some great distance away from the place.

 "Erwin" called the police station through his cellular phone while "Paul" went to the road above to wait for the ambulance.

I offered him water and he did drank. 
"Iddi ka pay ditoy?" (How long have you been here?), I asked the injured man.
"Iddi kalman pay" (Since yesterday), he uttered.

After few minutes... few minutes more... some instances and happenings.. skipping some details.

............... The ambulance did came and rushed him to the Hospital.

We went to the police station for some Q and A's and afterwards... I needed some beer!

Now at Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

By the way, here is the waterfalls.
I almost forgot!
Here it is.


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