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"Try to give back"

-my pagnapagna-
(September 16, 2017 a Saturday)

I've been tapping our artists group "La Union TIMPUYOG Artes ri Ilocandia" to be part of the said event but perhaps of my short-comings in presenting it to the group that we did not came up with a solid decision as to where do we do the clean-up or who will be participating.

Early morning around 5:30 in the morning when I decided to go to the river to do my own clean-up. I chose the one that is near to my heart which is the Tangadan Falls. The river trail which is along the "Kabassitan river". I've done a clean-up on this same river trail before and I've decided to do it again for the second time around.
After eating at the San Gabriel Supermarket, I rode a tricycle going to the trailhead. The trailhead is located near the outermost Barangay of San Juan which is Duplas.
Early morning walking along the countryside... along the rice fields... along the river... crossing the irrigation dam while flip-flopping the barely ankle deep overflowing waters... the morning sun in the east comfortably warm... trees, forest and mountains nearby... just perfect... until..... I had to pick up those scattered pieces of trash. I didn't despair, for it was what I came for that day.
I started picking up, particularly the plastics. Tourists/hikers would passed by and some would be curious of what I was doing.
Going farther along the river, I met one of the local farmers whom I also met on my first clean-up. We talked.
"Imbag ketdi a ta adda ka tatnu makita da met, tani handa met agdaldalusen dagidiay ag-ga-guide" (It is good that they will see you, the tourist guides are not cleaning anymore), the farmer said.
"Pati taltalen ket pagbillengan dan" (Even the rice fields they litter), he added. 
We noticed also that there were also litters where fishermen camps and seen a dead snake nearby.
I should have done my clean-up all along the river but there was a part where there was no river banks to walk on and the crossing would require swimming in deep waters. I went back to cross at the shallow area as to where the farmer suggested. He crossed also the river at that area together with his family as shown in the video below.
Yes, I've seen some plastic bottles lying at the fields and more along the trail which I can not all handle like there was a garbage sack overflowing with plastic bottles. It was sad that I had only one large garbage bag.
My garbage bag was almost filled as I crossed the river again and into the bedrock area where there was a "sari-sari" store. There I had a snack and asked permission to do my accounting of the trash I had collected. I had also with me a bathroom scale haha! Some of the tourist (tagalog speaking) seem to think that I was a garbage man collecting plastic bottles which I was (I'm in denial, heeha!) that the lady placed his plastic bottle where I was counting my collected bottles when there was a garbage bag just nearby. Well I do not blame her. It was just... things that makes you go hmmm?
While I continued my accounting of the trash, a young tourist guide came to me and read my shirt that was printed with "pagnapagna" and said "Sir makitkitak dayta pagnapagna, sir saludo ak" (Sir I've seen pagnapagna, I salute). I thanked him as I smiled while asking "Apay ngay han yu met daldalusan dayta trail yu lalo dyay basuraan nga sako idiyay nabaybayagen?" (Why haven't you cleaned your trail, the garbage sack along the trail has been there for a long time?).
"Ay diyay sir, dyay yanti balay ket dagidiyay gamin nagdiyan ediay umikkat da metten" (Oh that sir, at the house because its residents had left), the young tourist guide answered.
Well those where just questions on the spur of the moment.
I don't know, I might look silly counting those plastic bottles at a riverside just before Tangadan falls.
Finally, I finished my accounting. The trash went back into the garbage bag and then weighed.

Approximate weight collected: 10+ kilograms

Nylon mesh bag - I pc
Styro Cup - 1 pc
Shredded rice sacks - 2 pcs.
Kahuna bottled water 350 ml. - 1 pc.
Premier Drinking water 350 ml. - 1 pc.
C2 Green tea apple 230 ml. - 1pc.
Nature's spring goes green 350 ml. - 1 pc.
Mountain dew 400 ml. - 1 pc.
San Miguel Pale Pilsen in can - 1 pc.
Royal tru-orange in can 330 ml. - 1 pc.
RedBull energy drink 250 ml. in can - 1 pc.
Plastic cups - 19 pcs.
Assorted wrappers "chitcheria" - 103 pcs.
Fruit drink in a cup - 1 pc.
Fruit juice containers - 7 pcs.
Losartan tablet "banig" - 1 pc.
milk plastic scooper - 1 pc.
Noodle wrappers - 2 pc.
Havaianas slipper sole - 1 pc.
Plastic bags - 19 pcs.
Styro food container - 4 pcs.
Baby pampers - 2 pcs.
Surgical mouth mask - 1 pc.
plastic spoons - 5 pcs.
plastic fork - 1 pc.
Sanitary napkin pad - 1 pc.
Rope (orange plastic) 1/2 inch diam x 1 ft. - 1 pc.
Shampoo sachets - 7 pcs.
Absolute 350 ml. - 1 pc.
Nature's spring 350 ml - 3 pcs.
Sure bay mineral water 500 ml. - 1 pc.
Plastic bottle (missing brand) - 10 pcs.
Wilkin's Pure purified water 1000 ml - 2 pcs.
Coca Cola Coke 300 ml - 4 pcs.
Nature's spring 1000 ml - 2 pcs.
Vital Purified drinking water 350 ml - 1 pc.
Bevida Distilled drinking water 350 ml - 1 pc
Wilkin's 500 ml - 2 pc.
Coca Cola 1.5 liters - 1 pc.
Absolute Pure distilled 1000 ml - 1 pc.
Nature's spring 500 ml - 1 pc.
Sparkle 300 ml - 4 pcs.
B'lue water-based drink - 1 pc.
Premier purified drinking 350 ml -1 pc.
Gatorade 350 ml - 5 pcs.
Gatorade 500 ml - 4 pcs.
Wilkin's 350 ml - 1 pc.
candy wrappers - 27 pcs.
cigarette butts - 4 pcs.
plastic bottle cups - 5 pcs.

1 dead snake
1 opened bottle of 2x2 gin
3 garbage area along the trail (uncollected)

With a large garbage bag in my hand, I continued my final trek towards Tangadan Falls area while picking up more plastics along the way.
As I entered the Tangadan Falls area, there I saw the people of Tangadan with all smiles.
I saw "Harry", the designated "care-taker" at that time who is also a friend of mine.
"O adda pasalubong ko" (O, I have a gift), I smiled to them. 
"Ited mo idiay agcol-collect ti fee" (Give it it to the one collecting fees), they jokingly replied.
The garbage went into the trash plastic drum.
I talked with "Harry" and explained what I was doing that it was "International Coastal Cleanup Day" but in my part, it was the river. Yes I tried to connect the "Coastal" with "river" haha!
After seeing Tangadan Falls, I left the area and went back on trail. 
It was frustrating as there were new litters again along the way.
It must have became the usual sight for people such as tourists and tourist guides to see litters along the trail that it became an accepted norm to them as they travel or earn a living. I hope I was wrong.
I headed back for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

The International Coastal Cleanup day was organized locally by SifCare- Curma

For pagnapagna's previous cleanup:


Subject: Clean up drive
River trail to Tangadan Falls
Barangays Dagup, Amontoc
Municipalities of Bagulin and San Gabriel
Province of La Union
How to get there:


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