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KASAY Sanktwaryo and nearby places


"Our next refuge from the busy urban life is the sea"

-my pagnapagna-

(November 21,2017 a Tuesday)
My first destination was the coastline along barangay Pagudpud. This is the second coastline barangay of the southern San Fernando City, La Union. The first one being barangay Pagdalagan with just a short coastline.
Next to barangay Pagudpud is the coastline of barangay San Vicente. It has a creek separating the two barangays.
As I walked into the coastline of San Vicente, although there were still some few garbage that can be seen around, I noticed that it was much cleaner than that of Pagudpud's.
It was a high tide that late afternoon as I walked on almost knee-deep of water at the corner of the beach just to get to the rock area near a low cliff. There were a trail going up but that place must be privately owned.
It was getting late and the day was turning dark and it was time to leave.

At Barangay San Vicente

(November 22, 2017 a Wednesday)
I came back again at around 8 o'clock in the morning, passing by Pagudpud, I entered the coastline of San Vicente and it was a low tide.
The water had receded, revealing what's on the shallow areas. To my delight, I can see the sea grass exposed. As I approached the sea grass area, instead of sand, I felt sticky mud on every step I made. It was a mud area wherein my feet sunk to around 1 to 2 inches. At the grasses, there were many sea snails as well as hermit crabs. Seen two small sea urchins at the edge of the grass bed and lots of small fishes.
I walked further to the corner of the coastline wherein just the other day there was an almost knee-deep of sea water, now there was this dead coral bed with a little of mud.
I approached a mother and son digging something within the low tide area. They were gathering small clams.
I kept walking. Thanks to the low tide, I can walk along the dry shoreline.
At the cliff area, along the rocks, there were shallow caves carved by the constant battering of waves. Walking further, a sort of a oasis (if that was a desert). Although there were some houses in the area and few people enjoying the waters and catching whatever the sea offers, as if I was in a hidden/secluded beach, there was a white sand shoreline.
Walking further along the shore, passed that semi-secluded white sand beach was the base of a higher cliff riddled with coral stones and rocks.
After that cliff-side was the end of the fenced runway of San Fernando Airport. Seen two to three small fishing boats there and nearby was a bungalow.

The Cliff area during low-tide

This is the area at the end of the San Fernando Airport runway

I walked further again, along coral stones, and there it was, at a distance was the watch tower of the care takers for the Marine Sanctuary.

The watchtower

Kasay Sanktwaryo
It is a 30 hectares marine sanctuary found in barangay Canaoay of the city of San Fernando, La Union. A rocky reef area dominated by coral stone formations which was designated as Marine Protected Area for the proliferation of marine life. It has a patrol watchtower that is said to be constructed in the year 2,000.
Do's and Don'ts:
(to be added soon)
I went to ENRO of the City of San Fernando, La Union to inquire about it (Nov. 27, 2017 a Monday)
but one of the lady employee said that they might not want me (as a blogger) to have it or post it here since they also have a site. WHaaat!
We will just wait for their official reply when the officer concern (which was out that time).
Or we might get somewhere else if they don't allow.

I passed by the watch tower and just few meters I stayed momentarily at the shallow coral reef area where some of the rocks were exposed by the low tide. There were sea cucumbers, brittle stars, lots of hermit crabs, and small fishes I've seen. 
Just by standing still, I got to see the black and yellow angelfish at a closer distance.
Few minutes later, I left the area and walked along the shore until the beach area where there were many sheds for rent and rode a tricycle going back to downtown and eventually back home.
In the afternoon, at around 3 o'clock, I went back for the sunset.
While shooting for a time-lapse of the sunset, at the end when the sun had sunk in the horizon, I asked the caretakers if they can switch on their light at the watchtower so as it would be dramatic for the time lapse but unfortunately, the watchtower has no light or probably no electricity for the light.
It was dark, and I thank them. I left the area using a road that pass through a small forest and connects to the cemented road beside the fenced runway of the San Fernando Airport.
Luckily, there was tricycle which I rode on going back to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Subject   : KASAY Sanktwaryo
Location : Barangay Canaoay
                 City of San Fernando
                 Province of  La Union

How to get there:
From Downtown, San Fernando, La Union:
Ride a tricycle and tell the driver "KASAY Sanktwaryo" at Barangay Canaoay (specifically at the tip end of the runway of the San Fernando Airport) at a higher fare. When going back, since it's a "secluded" place and tricycles do not ply that route, you may walk your way back to the cemented road just beside the airport where there are roadside resorts such as Sunset Bay or farther to the Barangay Hall of Canaoay and wait for the few tricycles.
You may also ask a favor (with fare-higher) for the tricycle you rode on earlier to fetch you back or whatever you may agree upon.
Private transportation:
You can drive your car all the way near the reef area where the patrol watchtower is located.


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