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a visit to BAUKO, Mountain Province


"Bauko has many things to offer and a day or two is not enough"


-my pagnapagna-
(January 24, 2018 a Wednesday)

At Baguio City, I walked my way to "En Clean Oil Bank" which is a gas station located along Magsaysay avenue near the Slaughterhouse area at Barangay Sto Nino.
I waited just few minutes for the passenger van to be filled and the van where I was, departed the Gas station at 7:07 that morning.
It headed towards La Trinidad but used secondary roads passing through Barangay Ambiong and went out at Barangay Tawang in La Trinidad. It continued going to the municipality of Tublay and passed through the tollgate of Halsema highway (7:38 am).

Sayangan, Atok for stop-over - 8:50 am
Passed the area to Mt. Timbac - 9:03 am
Sinipsip (passed the road to Bakun) - 9:25 am
Abatan (Km.90), Buguias - 9:53 am
Welcome arch of Mountain Province - 10:10 am
Intersection at Sadsadan, Bauko - 10:33 am
Intersection at Guinzadan, Bauko (passed the branching road to Cagubatan, Tadian) - 10:49 am
Abatan, Bauko - 10: 53 am

Although situated at the municipality of Tadian,
Mt. Mogao can be beautifully seen from most parts of Abatan, Bauko

At Abatan (Bauko Town Proper). I strolled around for a while and noticed that it was their Market day.

Seen at the market area (the road below the Hospital on Wednesday market day)
 "Etag" is a cordillera's processed meat (salted-smoked)

These caught my attention as they are new to me. They are called "Bangluan" and "peanut beans".

Afterwards, I headed towards the Municipal Hall where I met ma'am Arsenia Addon the Tourism officer. She coordinated my following day hike to Paradise Falls to the officials of the Barangay where the Falls is located and they will be providing guides.

The Bauko Municipal Hall under construction

In the afternoon, still at the Municipal Hall, together with sir Donnie Guineo, ma'am Mylene Naitang and the driver, we went to see "Kalimbatawa Eco-Park".

The "Kalimbatawa Eco-Park" is a wide open ground (grass covered) good for outdoor activities and events which reminds me of Burnham Park's Melvin Jones grandstand's grounds, only that the former has a rolling hills feature. At the park's outskirts were forests wherein picnic tables underneath some of the trees were provided.
The park was the venue of their "2017 Christmas Village" and at that time they were preparing the place for the "Valentine's day" that will start on February 2 wherein there will be musical concerts from bands. This is in preparation for the annual "Begnas Festival" that will be celebrated on March 8,9 and 10 of this year 2018.

a picnic table shaded by pine trees at Kalimbatawa Eco Park
At Kalimbatawa Eco Park with sirs Donnie Guineo, Leonard Langtiwan
What's an Eco park without one of these?
E.C.R. which stands for Eco Composting Receptacle.
This one is for biodegradable garbage.
Yes they do composting and re-use of plastic bottle or
turn them into decorative materials.

Afterwards, we went to see the Incadang Rice Terraces.

Located at Barangay Bila, it is a small rice terraces when compared to the other nearby rice terraces. 
Farther up to the mountains is the Spanish trail. 

Incadang Rice Terraces

Mount Polis can also be seen farther away at the right side when facing the Incadang rice terraces. Sir Donnie added that the place has been a venue of various trail runs and that the hill nearby will be the location of a viewing deck overlooking the rice terraces and the distant Mt. Polis.

We left and went to a see their  pottery-making.

Known for its pottery, Barangay Bila is expanding and evolving. Aside from making pots, they are in production of souvenir items made of clay like ashtrays and miniature potteries. To add, they are venturing and pioneering in the region in the production of local ceramic water filters.

Barangay Bila is known for this - pottery. For Inquiries /orders of small ceramic souvenir items
look for ma'am Jovelyn at 09482012735

We went to see the other pottery production house but they were closed at that time.

There were still many more interesting places to visit in that part of Mountain Province but I must catch that last van trip going to upper Bauko which was 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
The van was bound for Abatan (Km.90) in the town of Buguias but I alighted at "Green Amkaweng".

At "Green Amkaweng", I asked the ladies who manages the Inn if I can go down
 and see the forest below and they answered, yes and added that there is a park there .
 A sitting area and noticed the remnants of "bonfire".

At "Green Amkaweng"
The view from my bedroom for the night

The following day, I will be meeting a guide and we will be going to Paradise Falls but
for that night, "Green Amkaweng" was my Home Sweet Home

-end of pagnapagna-


Thanks to:
LGU BAUKO, Mountain Province
Torism Office led by ma'am Arsenia Addon
Mylene Maitang and Donnie Guineo

Green Amkaweng Cafe and Restaurant
Km. 101, Halsema Highway, Mt. data, Bauko, Mountain Province


Subject: Bauko Municipal Hall area
Location: Barangay Abatan
Municipality of Bauko,
Province of Mountain Province

BAUKO Municipal Hall is located at Barangay ABATAN (Don't be confused with Abatan of Buguias which is regarded as Abatan 90):
Although you can also ride on bus bound for Tadian, vans are usually faster and departs from Baguio earlier.
At Baguio City go to the "En Clean Oil Bank" which is a gas station at Magsaysay avenue located at the other side of the road near the Slaughterhouse in Barangay Sto. Nino Bus and Van Terminal.
In the gas station there is a van bound for ABATAN,BAUKO. It departs Baguio as early as 6 o'clock in the morning depending upon the availability of passengers (it only departs when seats are filled). Fare price is around 180 pesos (as of January 2018).
Travel duration is 4 to 5 hours.
Upon arrival at Abatan, Bauko, go to the Municipal Hall and look for the Tourism Officer


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