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"Enjoy the *I'm on Top of the world looking down on creation* experience"

-my pagnapagna-
(January 10, 2018 a Wednesday)

At Dangwa Terminal in Baguio City, I waited for the passenger van to be filled. The van was bound for Lepanto-Mankayan. While waiting, I bought boiled corn (sweet purple) and ate some while leaving some for my travel.
The van was finally filled with passengers and left at around 8 o'clock that morning going towards the municipality of La Trinidad and after some hours of snaking its way along Halsema Highway, it had a stop-over for snack and call-of-nature at Sayangan in the municipality of Atok, Benguet. After that stop-over, the travel continued along the highway passing by the "Highest Point in the Philippine Highway System" and after just some few minutes I alighted at kilometer 55. I went down from the van and paid 100 pesos.
That was the area where I started walking on that uphill branching road. 

Few minutes later, I passed by the Mongoto Elementary School which was around 2.1 kilometers from the Halsema Highway. 

Just some few meters from the Elementary School was another branching road that goes uphill.

 I continued walking on that road and made my way into a residential area. I went off-road to walk on a concrete steps going up to the mountain that passed some few mountainside houses and many gardens. The pathway led to the trail going up to the summit where along it were crosses and "stations of the cross" symbols.
I met a farmer along the way and I said "Apanak man dyay ngato" (I'll just go up there).
He smiled and answered, "sige lang" (just go ahead).
I finally arrived at the top wherein there were vegetable gardens everywhere and a small forest of communication towers at the highest point of the area.
The strategic viewing area was the area where there were these three crosses overlooking a part of Halsema Highway (where the highest point of the Philippine highway system is located), Atok, gardens/terraces, communities and distant mountains.

 Far far away at the south, the Ambuklao dam can be seen while at the east were more mountains that must be Mount Tabayoc and Mount Pulag wherein their peaks were shrouded by clouds at that time.
I have sketching materials inside my backpack but the view was overwhelming that I just sat down enjoying the view and ate the boiled corns I bought earlier at Baguio City.

I lingered there for a while thinking that it's a totally different experience when the place is not shrouded by clouds (fog).

General Info Regarding Mt. Timbac:
-ranked as 3rd highest mountain in Luzon
- 9th highest mountain in the entire country Philippines
- regarded as MINOR CLIMB by "pinoy mountaineer" and rated as 2/10

in addition:
The FIRE MUMMIES of Timbac Mummy Cave was still
(Not open to the public)
as of writing this blog post.

Yes, they have one on top.

What a view when you needed comfort

The clouds rolled in once in a while partially covering the view.
As the day deepened, and so as the clouds thickened. It was time to leave.
After exploring the summit area, I left and went down and arrived at the Halsema Highway (3:07 pm).
Rode a passenger van (3:21 pm) but it was bound for La Trinidad. 
At La Trinidad (5:22 pm), I rode a jeep going to Baguio City where I rode another bus bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

For my previous visit to the area:

(Note: I lost my notes on my timeline from Baguio to Mangoto Elementary School)
11:25 am - at Mongoto Elementary School
11:30 am - another branching road going to residential area
11:50 am - at the trail going up to summit
12: 10 pm - at the summit
2:08 pm - left and went down the trail
2:18 pm - reached the road at the residential area
2:30 pm - reached the secondary road
2:37 pm - at Mongoto Elementary School
3:07 pm - arrived at Halsema Highway
3:21 pm - after waiting, rode a passenger van
3:26 pm - passed by "Highest Point Philippine Highway System"
3:36 pm - stop-over at Sayangan, Atok
4:59 pm - Halsema Highway Toll gate at Tublay, Benguet
5:22 pm - arrived at La Trinidad, Benguet


Subject: Mount TIMBAC (Timbak)
Location: Municipality of Kabayan
                Province of Benguet

How to Get there:
At Baguio City:
Go to the Dangwa Terminal area located at the back of the Baguio Center Mall along Magsaysay avenue.
You may ride any of the Bus going to the Cordilleras (that passes the municipality of Atok) particularly bound for Bontoc and Sagada etc and tell the driver that you will be alighting at Mt. Timbac area. It is around 70-80 pesos fare.
Just bare in mind that Mt. Timbac drop-off area is just around 55 kilometers from Baguio City which is a short distance compared going to Bontoc or Sagada etc.
You may also ride the vans bound for Lepanto-Mankayan or Buguias. With 100 pesos fare, just tell the driver/barker that you will be alighting at the road going to Mount Timbac.
At the drop-off at kilometer 55 (after highest point of Philippine Highway System) along Halsema Highway where there are signs that say "Welcome to the Mummy Caves of Timbac", walk your way at that uphill road going to the Mongoto Elementary School and just few meters away will be a another branching road going to a residential area. From there, look for the trail going up to the summit. (Feel free to ask directions from the locals)
Note: If you have an automobile, you may drive your way up (steep road)until the residential area near the trail then just walk your way up to the summit for just 10 minutes (+-).

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