Monday, April 9, 2018

Secret Places 1: Waterfall away from it all

"Some places are meant to be just for the few and if you have seen it, you are one of the lucky few"

-my pagnapagna-

As one of the many adventurers who blogs and have a page in facebook, I realized that I have a great responsibility as to the places I visit. The great views "pagnapagna" re-discovers and presented for public consumption should be properly discerned as to its vulnerability.
Some of these places are not yet ready for the outside world that it is only good to accommodate the few. The few that can truly appreciate the meaning of peace, the serenity, the oneness with nature and sometimes the local culture that goes with it. The respect of nature.
They who can truly practice the LNT outdoor ethics which is the "Leave No Trace".
What is the "Leave No Trace" or LNT?
The LNT was an organization in the USA, since 1994 they educate people about recreational impact on nature and the seven (7) principles.

The Seven Principles of LNT:
1- Plan ahead and prepare
2- Travel and camp on durable places
3- Dispose of waste properly
4- Leave what you find
5- Minimize campfire impacts
6- Respect wildlife
7- Be considerate of other visitors

There was a time when I went on a tour in a group but often times I prefer going outdoors alone or with just up to three to five people. These I do because of the difference going out alone and or in small numbers. In large group the impact multiply wherein it is sometimes irreversible.

When going alone or in small numbers in a place, for example a village, one is barely noticed and the place can be observed in its natural setting while when in large group, it becomes a crowd that the place visited becomes intimidated with the presence of such a large group. The ambiance of the place becomes different... a little bit unnatural.

Well I have visited a small cascade along a river where there was some peace and quiet that nature prevails. It was a place where the locals go fishing. I have seen fishing traps at strategic places and said some few "Hellos" to local fishermen I've met.

And that was all to it. No crowd, no loud music, no party-party feel but only nature, the laid-back countryside ambiance of a river with a small cascade and a deep natural pool area.

Although it got that hot in the middle of the day, there were some small trees and crevices under the scoured bedrocks to take shelter from.
The waterfalls nearby was not that big like that of the popularly known others but the serenity was there for the taking.

Those who have visited this place, let us just keep it as a secret.
It's a secret for our Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-


Subject: Unknown Waterfalls
Location : (Withheld)


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