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"This waterfall is in the same tributary with Binanga Falls"

Please Let us practice the "LEAVE NO TRACE" outdoor ethics (LNT).
Let us not vandalize/ write or etch on its natural surfaces such as rocks and trees.
Manage our waste products properly. Dispose our garbage in the proper way and don't leave them behind. Respect "nature" and the local culture. But above all, SAFETY should be your priority!

-my pagnapagna-
(May 30, 2018 a Wednesday)

At Baguio City, I was looking for jeeps bound for Acop but I can't find one. I just rode a jeep bound for La Trinidad and alighted near the Public Market. From there I waited and rode a jeep bound for Acop.
I alighted near the Barangay Hall of  Shilan, went inside and talked to Councilor Haris Sotil and Barangay Chairman Jefrey Maslag whom I asked about the waterfalls. After giving me instructions/directions, I thanked them and I went on my way.
I walked (8:32 am) along Halsema Highway going to the intersection (8:35 am) at the Tacdian Elementary School. There I rode a taxi (8:44 am) which they locally call as "garrage" and said to the driver that I was going to the turning point at "Bito".
Along the way, I noticed it was also the same way going to "Binanga Falls" and passed by the "jump-off " area for the said waterfalls.
I alighted at a turning point (8:52 am) and paid the driver a hefty fare of 120 pesos. A short walk along the cemented descending one lane road led me to the vegetable gardens and crossed a river through a hanging bridge that led me to more vegetable gardens. Nobody seems to be around to ask directions. I saw one but he was too far away to even notice me. I just waited and waited. Out of the blue came a gardener carrying a sack of manure (chicken dung as fertilizer). I was not sure to even talk to him as he looked so busy-tired carrying the sack going up the gardens but I can't help it, I did it anyway. He pointed the trail going down to the river below.
I went down and by the river I removed my rubber shoes and long pants. Since I forgot my slippers, I walked barefooted and with short pants (under pants) and had a very short walk going to the edge or the drop of the waterfalls. I was on the top of the waterfalls looking down at the small basin or natural pool area. There was no direct way or trail going down from the top. After taking photographs and videos, I went back (10:01 am) to the road and walked my way up to the last turning point. I found two gardeners talking and looking down at the gardens.
"Good morning, ayan na diay mapan dita karayan (Good morning, where is the trail to the river)", I asked them. 
"Apay ada balitok ediay? (Why is there gold there?)" one of them jokingly asked back. 
Afterwards they showed me the trail going down to the gardens that will lead to the river below.
After thanking them, I went down through the gardens and to the river where again I removed my rubber shoes and long pants.
Barefooted I carefully walked my way along the sides of the river (10:20 am) making my way upstream. Climbing on rocks and carefully criss-crossed the small river. There were few very small cascades I passed by and several pools.
Finally I saw the last cascade before the waterfalls and there it was the "Payaspas Falls" (10:52 am).

Payaspas Falls
It is a small waterfall with around 20 feet drop and has a medium sized natural pool area.

I lingered there for some few minutes enjoying the view, taking photographs and videos.
Afterwards, I left the area and walked back along the river (11:26 am).
I put on my rubber shoes and long pants back before going up to the gardens (11:47 am).
I arrived at the cemented road above and decided to just walk my way along the ascending cemented road (12:07 pm). Smiling on people along the way, I felt aches on my thigh muscles (I had not much exercise these days) but I kept on going until I finally reached the intersection at Halsema Highway (12:55 pm).
I continued walking towards the Barangay Hall of Shilan and at that area (1:00 pm) I waited for jeeps bound for Baguio City. It took me some time waiting for jeeps since most were filled with passengers (no seat was available).
With 18 pesos fare, I arrived at Baguio City to ride another bus bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Thanks to:
Barangay Chairman Jefrey Maslag
Barangay Councilor Haris Sotil
and to the staff at Barangay Hall of Shilan

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Subject: Payaspas Falls
Location: Barangay of Shilan
Municipality of La Trinidad
Province of Benguet

How to Get there:
Please visit the Barangay Hall of Shilan


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