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"If it were not for the present conditions of the road and bridge, 
it would be just as easy as riding on a motorcycle and then around 10 minutes walk to the waterfalls"

Please let us practice the "LEAVE-NO-TRACE" outdoor ethics (LNT).
Let us not vandalize, write or etch on its natural surfaces such as rocks and bark of trees.
Manage waste products properly. Do not leave garbage behind specially plastics.
Anything that is foreign please don't leave them behind. Bring it with you and dispose it properly.
Respect "nature" and the local culture.
Most of all, SAFETY should be your priority.

-my pagnapagna-
(June 01, 2018 a Friday)

From Naguilian, La Union I rode a tricycle going to Bagulin, La Union.
Bagulin is an interior town of La Union that is near the boundary with Benguet or specifically the municipality of Kapangan.
I was not a lone passenger of the tricycle so we shared the 100 pesos fare.
At Bagulin town proper (if I was not mistaken, it is barangay Suyo), noticeably people were crowding since it was their market day. The covered court was used as a market place.
I went inside the Municipal Hall and went upstairs since it was that place where I was endorsed to go when I went there last year.
I got to talk to sir "Amador" wherein I was assisted by sir "Nestor". They told me about how to get to the said waterfalls.
On our way out to get a passenger motorcycle bike for hire we met sir "Joel" and we had a very short talk since time was golden with my planned hike to the said waterfalls.
At the parking area of passenger motorcycle bikes for hire, "Nestor" did the transaction and we came to know that the river had swollen that they can't cross the river. Instead of just 10 minutes walk to the said waterfalls, I would be walking along the trail that people use when the road is in bad condition and "Nestor" said that it will take me for some hours of walking.
Nevertheless I was determined to go and see the waterfalls.
I thanked "Nestor" and off we went with the motorcycle bike driver (9:20 am). The road we took was the same one going to Bulalakaw Falls. Farther down the road was a foot bridge/hanging bridge where we both alighted (9:50 am).
The river was milky brown and had swelled a little that the motorbike can't cross it. They said that motorbike can use the bridge but from the drivers' inspection it looked saggy-shaky that it was not in good condition. He can not take chances.
We walked on that bridge to the other side of the river to where there was the connecting road. Again the connecting road was damaged by heavy rains. Rushing rain water had excavated most part of that earth road. We walked some few meters and he showed me the mouth of the trail that I will be walking on and instructed me to just keep walking on that trail passing by another hanging bridge, walk my way up and there will be a house where I can ask directions.
I paid my fare and thanked him and I went on my way on my own.
Generally, the trail has only few ascends. If there were, it was not that steep and not that long.
Since that was the trail used by people, there were some few waiting sheds along the way where one can stop and rest.

The second hanging bridge. It will lead to the mountainside trail.

Few waiting shed along the trail to rest

The trail also cuts its way through some patches of rice fields near its end. Just remember to go on the trail that is always parallel to the river.
I entered into a residential area of few houses. I again asked directions and they said that I should go to the other side through the hanging bridge which I did.
At the other side, I went to a sari-sari store and had a snack (11:10 am). I can see the road that should have come all the way from the first main bridge up to the mountains into there.
I again asked directions. They said that just continue walking towards the end of the road until the hanging bridge. At the other side of the hanging bridge go down to the left where the waterfall is located.

A waterfall along the way by the river. Notice the water pipes

Fallowing their instructions, I went on my way and yes there it was the "Bulalakaw Twin Falls" (12:17 pm).

Bulalakaw Twin Falls
Located near the boundary with Kapangan, Benguet, this is a small waterfall with another smaller waterfall dropping on its side before it goes down as one into a deep natural pool area. 
It has a similar name with another waterfall but this one has the word "twin" attached to its name to distinguish it from the other that is located in the same municipality.

After lingering around, the sky got darker as rain clouds were on its way.
I left the area (1:50 pm). Just few minutes and it rained. It rained hard as I walked back soaking my shoes and socks as I held on to my umbrella.
I made it to the sari-sari store and it was still raining (2:34 pm). After having a snack, I crossed the river through the hanging bridge and walked along the trail. Walked as fast as I can but not running. Walking fast as I have to catch a passenger motorbike if ever there will be available. Towards the end of the trail the rain had lightened and turned into drizzle. I met lots of people going home along the trail. I finally made it to the main hanging bridge and to the other side (3:50 pm). Then my problem was how to get back to downtown Bagulin. If I would walk my way back to downtown, surely I'll be there by nighttime and the uphill walk would be tiring. So I asked someone if there were passenger motorbike in the area that could bring me downtown and luckily there was one. 
We left the area as I back-ride on the motorcycle bike. It was just hard back-riding as I have to carefully and safely cling to the back of the motorcycle that my hands get tired.
We made it safely to downtown (4:40 pm).
I paid and thanked him and we parted ways.
I went to a nearby "carinderia" and ate.
I passed by the Municipal Hall and noticed that it was closed as it was some few minutes after five o'clock already.
I rode a tricycle going back to the nearby municipality of Naguilian where I rode a jeep bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Thanks to:
Amador Judan
Nestor Tangalin 
as well as to
Joel Nang-is
all of them of LGU Bagulin
The motorcycle drivers,
people I met along the way
and above all

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Subject: BULALAKAW Twin Falls
Location: Bagulin, La Union

How to get there:
Please visit the Municipal Hall of Bagulin during working days.

From Manila take a bus bound for any of these Northwest Luzon places : Laoag City (Ilocos Norte), Bangued (Abra), Vigan City (Ilocos Sur), Candon City (Ilocos Sur) and San Fernando City (La Union). 
You have to get down at the Bus stop near the Town Plaza of Bauang, La Union (just before the Bauang Municipal Hall which is across the road). The Municipality of Bauang is located just after the town of Caba, La Union and just before the city of San Fernando, La Union.
At the Bus stop which is a waiting shed, walk your way northwards to the intersection. A road intersects the main highway coming from the east which is called Naguilian road (The road goes all the way up to Baguio City).
Walk some few meters going east at the intersecting Road (Naguilian Road).
There will be an array or stalls of eateries on the roadside. You may wait for jeeps bound for The Municipality of Naguilian, La Union there. Naguilian, La Union is the next town from Bauang, La Union going east.
You may also walk further passing by the eateries and into the public waiting shed (fronting the Public Library). At the waiting shed, wait for the mini-Buses bound for Baguio City and get down at Naguilian, La Union Town Plaza.
At the plaza you may now hire a tricycle to transport you to the interior town of Bagulin, La Union or go to the Public Market and look for the terminal area/parking area of tricycles bound for the town of Bagulin.
You will get down in front of Bagulin Municipal Hall.
(Ask directions going to Tio-angan. Usually, passenger motorbike drivers know the area. Hire one and he will lead you to the place but you will take a hike if the needs arises.)


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