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BURAYOK of Sitio Tagpeo


"I walked all the way from the intersection at Barangay Man-atong on a one-lane road until the 
turning point at Sitio Tagpeo of Barangay Dinwede West to see this waterfalls but it compared 
nothing to locals who walk 4 to 5 hours from the far flung sitios"

Please let us practice the Leave No Trace outdoor ethics.
Let us not vandalize, etch or write on its natural surfaces.
Manage our waste products properly. Do not litter! If there
are no proper waste disposal in the area please bring it with you,
do not leave it behind.
Respect "nature" and the local culture.
Safety should be your priority.

-my pagnapagna-
(June 19, 2018 a Tuesday)

I was at the Bitalag junction at 6:11 in the morning.
Bitalag is a barangay in the municipality of Tagudin and at the junction is where a road leads to the towns of Suyo and Cervantes, branches from the national highway.
Had a breakfast at a nearby eatery and asked the food server, what is the best way to get to barangay Man-atong. Man-atong is the easternmost barangay of Suyo and it is the jump-off area leading to the barangay of Dinwede West of  the adjoining municipality of Cervantes.
He told me to wait for jeeps because that is the cheapest one with around 30 pesos fare. If it would be tricycles, they charge around 300 pesos. With the van bound for the municipality of Cervantes they might charge the whole fare of 150 pesos and it will take long for it will only leave when it is filled with passengers, he said.
I thanked him and waited along the road while contemplating what to do.
People started also waiting along the road. They were employees/workers and students going to their workplace and schools.
Two of them flagged down a tricycle (painted green and white) bound for Suyo and out of the blue I also decided to ride (7:03 am). Sat at the back of the driver and still thinking what to do when I arrive at Suyo town proper.
I alighted near the Suyo Municipal Hall (7:30 am), paid 27 pesos and went to a nearby eatery to have some coffee and while at it, I asked the food server how to get to barangay Man-atong. They told me that I should have rode the van at Bitalag that are bound for Cervantes but since I was already at Suyo, I might as well wait for the van but it will be with no assurance that I can get a seat inside the van since they only leave Bitalag when the it is filled with passengers. I think I messed up with my "commuting plan".
It was now (9:30 am)and I was still at Suyo town proper waiting for a ride. I decided to just take a tricycle.
With 200 pesos fare, I was bound for the barangay of Man-atong (9:58 am).
I alighted at the branching road leading to Dinwede West. I went to the sari-sari store and bought a drink and while at it asked about how to get to sitio Tagpeo of barangay Dinwede West. 
"Malabsan ba dyay Vagina Falls nu mapan dyay sitio Tagpeo? (Will it pass-by Vagina Falls when going to sitio Tagpeo?)", I asked.
"Ay haan. Sabali nga dalan dyay mapan Vagina Falls. Sumina didiay. (No, that's a different way going to Vagina Falls. They will part ways)", he answered back.
After that, I went on my way walking that one lane concrete road.

A Tramline along the way at Man-atong area
Along the way, I encountered the intersection (11:08 am). The one on the right side leads to Vagina falls. I took the one on the left and kept on walking until I reached a hanging bridge by the roadside (11:35 am). I sat there for a while as I saw a woman coming.
I smiled as she approached and I started a conversation.
I asked her if that was the way to sitio Tagpeo and if there was a waterfall in there. She said yes, that was maybe the "Burayok" and she added that there is a cave also in that area.
She also told me that she came from sitio Sayangan of barangay Dinwede West, started walking at around 8 o'clock that morning and she was on her way to Tagudin to visit a relative.
I thank her as she went on her way down the road and disappeared at the road bend.

I thought that bleak white (on the center of the photograph)
 was the waterfalls I was looking for but it turned out to be another.

The road after that bridge was all uphill.
Passed by workers making rip-rap walls of the road.
I kept on walking until I reached the top of the mountain and there was a house with some five people in its front working on something. I passed-by and after a few steps I went back to them as they were all looking at me. I greeted them and began to ask all about the waterfalls. Within our conversation, the notion of "treasure-hunting" was also discussed. I told them that I will just take some photographs and videos since I have a blog in the internet. They told me to  just keep on walking until I reached the houses. I thanked them and went on my way.
At the residential houses area (12:21 pm), I saw some people sitting at a waiting shed and I can see the waterfalls beyond where they sat.
I again introduced myself and asked a favor if can anyone accompany me to where the base of the waterfalls. They let "Jerwin" accompany me to the waterfalls.
From the road, we went on a trail going down to some rice fields and there it was, Burayok Falls.

Burayok Falls
This waterfall has a high drop but with no significant natural pool area. Its water is used for irrigating the rice fields nearby. It is said that it dries during the summer days. 
"Burayok" is actually one of the few local name for waterfalls.

Burayok falls

After taking some photographs and videos, we went back to the road above at the residential area (1:30 pm). There I got to talk to one of the resident and he told me that there is another waterfall around an hour away but I should visit it during summertime since rainy days makes the route dangerous as it is too slippery.
With "Jerwin", we went to see the cave located just nearby.
Along the way, we've seen a total of two small snakes.
We passed-by the Tagpeo Elementary school and went down to the mountainside on a trail leading to the cave.

Another distant waterfalls as seen along the trail to Pakawan Cave

Pakawan Cave
It is a cave with small entrance and "Jerwin", my guide said that it has another smaller opening below. Bats made it their home as we saw some bats flying at the cave's entrance.

At the mouth of the Pakawan Cave

I did not dare to go inside as I do not have that much technical know-how on caving. We just opted to see it from the outside. Yes safety first.
We went back on the trail going up near the Tagpeo Elementary school where we parted ways with my guide as he showed me the other way so I won't be going back to the residential area. It led to the road (2:30 pm) and the distant sky was turning gray. It was raining at the east side and it is fast approaching to where I was. I hurriedly walked down that steep road as the rain came. With an umbrella I walked as fast as I can.
Passed-by the road workers and made it to the bridge (2:57 pm).
Along the way, the rain fizzled down.
I made it to the main road and had a snack at the sari-sari store (3:40 pm).
There seemed to be no available public transport in the area so I went down to sitio Butac of Barangay Man-atong and waited there.
I waited until I got to ride on a van that came all the way from the municipality of Cervantes (6:14 pm).
I arrived at their terminal area in Bitalag junction (6:54 pm) and from there I got to ride a bus at the national highway going back to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Special thanks to:
Mr. "Sitong" Fabro of San Gabriel, La Union 
for the information about this waterfall.
Also to the people I met, conversed with
and asked directions along the way. 
God Bless Us!

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Subject: Burayok Falls
Location: Sitio Tagpeo
Barangay of Dinwede West
Municipality of Cervantes
Province of Ilocos Sur

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