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"The experience sometimes overshadows the scenery that we came for"

Please, let us practice the "LEAVE NO TRACE" (LNT) outdoor ethics.
Let us not vandalize, etch or write on its natural surfaces such as rocks and bark of trees.
Manage our waste products properly. Do not leave your garbage behind, bring it with you
when there is no proper disposal in the area. Do not litter!
Respect wildlife, "nature" and the local culture.
Minimize our impact!
Safety should be our priority!

-my pagnapagna-
(June 26, 2018 a Tuesday)

At around 6 o'clock in the morning, I was at downtown Bagulin particularly fronting the Municipal Hall.
I braced myself then said, what a great morning to walk and so I started walking.
I started at the road  beside the Municipal Hall that connects to a road going southeast after which was all uphill.
Walking up on that road, I came across a boy who was  going down smiling at me and said "mayat ta exercise manong a (Good exercise sir)".
I smiled back and said "Wen (yes)".
Passed by a roadside cemetery.

Along the way. The "Loslosi Falls" as seen far away from the road. It has water again.

Further along the steep road, I thought I was all alone when somebody said "Galing ng hiking mo a (Great hiking)".
Looking at my side, there was this lone biker who was also going uphill.
"Nag-iisa ka ?(You're alone)", he asked while slow pedaling.
"Wen (yes)", I answered back.
After that short conversation, he went farther away on that winding uphill road disappearing on that road bend.

The mountains of Bagulin as seen from the road to Barangay Tagudtod

Passed by the roadside trail-head that leads to Kudlap (Kedlap) Burial cave (7:16 am). Farther on the road, I finally arrived at the intersection going to Sitio Beto (7:31 am). I stopped for a while as a passenger jeep was approaching (coming out from the intersection). The jeep was with topload and it was bound for downtown Bagulin and eventually to the nearby municipality of Naguilian.
After the jeep passed-by, I went on my way to that concrete one-lane road. It was generally all downhill.
Towards the end of the road, it was not concreted wherein rainwater had carved randomly the raw earth revealing rocks and at some parts it was all muddy.
The road then joins the main road going down towards the Balili river.
If I got it right the name of the place was sitio Sabangan of Barangay Baay.
I've seen "manong" trimming a pomelo tree along the road near their house while kids (probably his grandchildren) were picking and playing the fallen unripe fruits (9 am).
I continued walking down towards the Balili river and passed by the hanging bridge that goes to Barangay Tio-angan. I did not cross the bridge but went down to the river banks to visit a waterfall that can be seen farther away cascading down directly towards the river.

The Balili river and the waterfall

As I sat down on one of the rocks, looking towards the river at ground level, I saw a head peeking from behind the boulders. It has big upright ears and it was a dog. Curious as to what the dog was doing there, I stood to look and realized it was on an island boulder. I think he is stranded there. How he had gotten there was anybody's guess.
Should I go and rescue? But I do not have the equipment and he was an adult dog that he might bite.
The dog laid down calmly as if waiting for something.

A stranded dog

I walked back towards the residential area to seek help. I came across "manong", called his attention and explained the situation.
Skipping the details and to cut the story short, the dog was rescued and the dog scampered away as it was really frightened.
I thanked "manong" and asked directions on how to get to "Kinmados falls". He said that I can walk along the river banks but it will be difficult as with the presence of many rocks and boulders.
We parted ways as I went on to see the waterfalls that can be seen from a distance. I walked along the river but almost halfway, I had to stop since there was this cliff. I can't go any further. It was frustrating that I had to go back.
I was at the 1st bridge again and walked towards the other side. A short walk along a trail into the 2nd bridge and went down at the riverbank of a tributary river (not Balili river) .
That portion of the river was amazing. The water gushes towards the rocks (bedrocks). The energy of the river was there and the water was cleaner compared to the milky-brown color of the nearby Balili river.

I advanced towards the Balili river and hopped on the rocks and boulders hoping to get to Kinmados Falls.

The tributary river's water as it merges with Balili river

Not even halfway along the way, I came across a heaved bedrock that looked like a hill. I carefully climbed only to see that there was a dangerously inclined surface at the other side. I went back down frustrated. Sat down for a while thinking on how to get to the other side. I saw the space between the boulders, went through and it led me to a much better route but still there was a gap that I can't leap.
I was really frustrated as I went back. It was tiring hopping along those rocks and boulders again under the hot noon sun.
Lingered for a while at that nice place of the river where the water gushes near the 2nd bridge. Few minutes and I noticed rain clouds forming at the east. Rain must be on its way.
I just can't stop, I must visit that waterfalls.
I went up to the continuing trail at the end of the 2nd bridge to go ask directions from the house above and luckily I got an answer.
I walked along the trail going to "Bulalakaw Falls". This is the trail used when the river overflows and the small built-up wood bridge used as short cut would be swept away at Balili river.
There was a waiting shed along the trail and not far away was another hanging bridge and surely "Kinmados falls" was the stream below.
Just at the entry point of the bridge, I searched for a trail and found one on the right side. The trail was not that pristine. There was this part where the edge of the trail had collapsed. I had to use a fallen bamboo pole as support while crossing that very short area.
Yes! The trail led me down to the stream and I can see some cascades. I removed my shoes and sheltered it under a rock for I have to cross/tread some waters going downstream. 
It was getting gloomy and anytime rain would drop.
I put down my backpack as it was holding me down and get back to it later.
Going downstream, I saw a praying mantis clinging to a rock as not to be swept away by the flowing waters. I picked it up from the water and put it down to a dry rock surface. It moved, after which I placed it to a nearby grass and went on my way downstream.
Towards the last cascade before the Balili river, it began to drizzle. I got some shots (photographs and videos) but did not got down to the very last lower cascade as the rain began to pour and I remembered that my backpack was up there out in the open.
I hurriedly went upstream, got my backpack, opened the umbrella, got my shoes, put them on and went back to the trail (1:40 pm).

Kinmados Falls
A series of small cascades that flowed down to the Balili river and located near the vicinity of Bulalakaw Falls at the outskirt of Barangay Alibangsay.

One of the cascades of Kinmados Falls

Had to rest at the waiting shed to walk on the trail again. 
The rain fizzled and stopped as I crossed the 2nd bridge. Just before the main bridge at the Balili river (2:08 pm), I decided to go down and walk along the river banks to see the distant waterfalls from that side. 
But unfortunately again, there was a cliff  to hurdle.
Frustrating it was.

The hard to go to "Tab-aw falls" (said to be an ephemeral waterfalls)

Went back (2:38 pm) to the residential area (2:54 pm)and got drinking water at "manong's" house. He even offered some food but I politely said, no thanks.
Unfortunately, the man next door was not around. He was the one with a motorcycle that can be hired going back to downtown. I rode on it the last time I came in that area. 
"Manong" said that I can either wait for the jeep that came all the way from Naguilian later that afternoon, ride in it going to Barangay Baay proper and may get rides from there or walk my way to sitio Beto.
I decided to walk (3:12 pm) my way to sitio Beto. Thanked him and went on my way.
Generally all uphill, it rained along the way.
I finally reached the main road and it was still raining (5:10 pm). It rained hard.
I got a ride but he said that he was going to Pias (another place). I alighted at an intersection at barangay Cambaly. I thanked him as it was free.
I decided to walk again as there was no available ride.
 It rained hard. 
I was worried that there will be no tricycles going to Naguilian.
Along the way, while walking, a motorbike stopped beside me and offered me to ride. That I can not resist.
We arrived at downtown Bagulin. I thank him as it was again free.
Since it was already around six o'clock in the evening, I had a tricycle ride with a special price that we agreed upon.
It was a rainy evening as we arrived at the central terminal area in Naguilian where I got a jeepney ride going back to Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Subject: Kinmados Falls
Location: Along Balili river,
Barangay Alibangsay,
Municipality of Bagulin

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