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The Waterfalls of Lower Agsit


"This waterfall is said to be where two Japanese Imperial Armies
where thrown during the Second World War"
-Residents (Elders) of Kamog

Please, let us practice the "LEAVE NO TRACE" (LNT) outdoor ethics.
Let us not vandalize, etch or write on its natural surfaces such as rocks and bark of trees.
Manage our waste products properly. Do not leave your garbage behind, bring it with you
when there is no proper disposal in the area. Do not litter!
Respect wildlife, "nature" and the local culture.
Minimize our impact!
Safety should be our priority!

-my pagnapagna-
(July 31, 2018 a Tuesday)

I walked as usual and I was at the Barangay Hall of  Kamog early at around 6:30 in the morning. 
There I logged-in as courtesy or for other necessary reasons (security) since I was a visitor in the place (new face).
I have given them also some photographs I took of the different waterfalls in their place.
I have to move on, and walked towards Agsit river.
I walked along the cemented road then down to a trail, walked along a small hanging bridge and went to the other side where there were farms/gardens of flowering plants and vegetables.
I saw a gardener working in his garden whom I asked who can guide me going to the waterfalls. He told me to go ask the last house farther north.
And so I went to the said house but nobody's home or around. I waited there for a while hoping that somebody will arrive but after some 20 minutes or more, nobody came.
I went back to where I talked with the gardener and saw another gardener. I told him of my purpose and the situation. To cut the story short, he became my impromptu guide/companion.
I got my smaller backpack inside my bigger backpack and left the latter at his hut. This way I will be much comfortable going through the trail with a lighter backpack. I also given up the tripod of the camera as it was also heavy.
Along the trail, I noticed that my companion was barefooted. He said that he left his slippers back at his place. As we went through a thick vegetation with some of them were thorny plants, I offered him my spare slippers inside my backpack but he refused. Wow, he has a great feet that I envy.
With his machete clearing the way, we went down the steep mountainside.

Going down the mountainside with thick vegetation

I slid down some three times along the moist soil of the steep mountain side, thanks for the plants that break a fall or served as something to hold on to. I used rope at one area.
We finally made it to the waterfalls.
While lingering around, I noticed that we were at the second tier of the waterfalls. All along, I thought we were at the first tier/cascade.

The Second Tier from the top

The Second Tier/cascade
It is a high waterfall with its waters cascading down to some uneven wall of rocks. There is also an interesting lone free standing rock formation at one of the platforms of the cascade. Some 50 meters+ from its basin are two smaller waterfalls cascading down to the much bigger lower cascade.

The interesting lone rock formation at one of its ledge

with "manong" poses with the smaller waterfalls after the second tier

After lingering there taking photographs and videos, we left for the lower cascade.
We went up again on that steep trail but this time only halfway up to where it connects to another trail that goes down.
The trail was similarly steep and difficult for me but manageable.
The trails made were short but be extra careful as steep+moist soil = dangerously slippery. Use rope if necessary for safety!
Few minutes later, we made it to the lower cascade.

At the Lower prominent tier

The Lower cascade/tier
Similarly high waterfall but smaller in width than the second tier. 
Although this was just based on what I have seen and there must be some errors, it must be the 3rd main tier but if we include the two smaller cascades between the second cascade/tier, it will be the 5th cascade. 

The lower tier with a smaller cascade at foreground

Resting there, most of the time taking photographs and videos, we noticed some cloud formations at the eastern side of the sky. Rain will be coming soon.
We left the area and hit the trail again. This time all uphill on that steep mountain trail and there was no room for errors in climbing up. It was tiring and halfway climbing up, I can feel my leg muscles twitching as if loosing their strengths. They were giving up but not me. As I climb up, I grab whatever I can hold onto to move me up. My legs were shaking slightly and they were getting heavy. I have to rest most of the time and watch my companion go up quickly. But if he notices me stopping he also waits and help me go up.
Oh thank God, we made it above and I made a deep sigh. I can feel my sweat coming out and what a relief when cold mountain breeze blows on my wet skin under the shades of trees.
We walked towards his farmer's hut and there I got my bigger backpack.
After thanking him and giving him something in return, I asked
"Kayat mu manong ti badbadu ngem nausaren a? (Sir, do you like used clothes?)".
"Aw (yes)", he answered back.
From my backpack I pulled out a plastic bag of my clothes that I am not using anymore and there are still a sackful at home which I will be randomly giving away to my pagnapagna to the far-flung villages or whoever needed them.
I then left his place, walked towards the river and refreshed myself on the waters of Agsit river where the main waterfalls of Agsit was located.
I said to myself , "It is now time to massage me waterfalls". I went to its furious low cascade and let its waters massage my tired and aching muscles. The water was cold! I stayed there for maybe thirty minutes while I let my clothes and shoes dry under the sun on top of the river rocks.
Nothing lasts forever, I left the area walking my way along the road. It was an uphill winding road and while walking with my heavy backpack, an "owner type" jeep stopped and let me ride.
I have no time to report back at the Barangay hall since the opportunity of the ride.
I went down at Naguilian road and thank them since they said it was free. 
At the intersection and even before it, I noticed lots of uniformed military men. I think they were under red alert.
After a few minutes, I rode a mini-bus bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

Thanks to:
Early morning bus of Farinas Bus (bound for Baguio City) for the almost free ride
The husband and wife team (maybe) of the "owner-type" jeep
My impromptu guide
Barangay Hall of Kamog (Officials)
and the people I met along the way

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Subject: Waterfalls at Lower Agsit River
Location: Barangay of Kamog,
Municipality of Sablan,
Province of Benguet

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