Thursday, September 6, 2018

"GAWED" Falls


"After an almost one month of rains last August, this September,
 I went to revisit a waterfall up in the mountains of Alilem 
and found more cascades downstream"

Please, let us practice the "LEAVE NO TRACE" (LNT) outdoor ethics.
Let us not vandalize, etch or write on its natural surfaces such as rocks and bark of trees.
Manage our waste products properly. Do not leave your garbage behind, bring it with you
when there is no proper disposal in the area. Do not litter!
Respect wildlife, "nature" and the local culture.
Minimize our impact!
Safety should be our priority!

-my pagnapagna-
(as continued from previous post
September 2, 2018 a Sunday

After coming from Baybaki Falls and learning from a farmer about another waterfall, I went back to the residential area or the Barangay proper of Batbato.
At the sari-sari store, I had another soft drink and this time paying also the one I forgot to pay previously. While drinking, I asked the store owner, just to verify, where was the trail going down to the waterfalls that the farmer told me.
And so I went to where they told me. There I met another man who showed me the trail going down from the residential area. He also thought that I was from the "Amburayan riders".
The mountainside trail did led me down to the creek and found myself on top of a waterfall. I remembered what the sari-sari store owner told me that one must cross the river, go on to a trail in order to see the basin or natural pool area of the waterfall and that was just I did.
It was a trial and error walking along the trail as there were some two trails. At first, the trail I took led me farther up and away from the waterfall. I went back, looked for another trail and found another one but still it doesn't go down to the river. I went back halfway and found a small gully that must me a waterway when its raining hard. I took that path carefully going down and I successfully reached the river below. I was few meters downstream from my targeted waterfalls, found another waterfall that was nearer and went to its edge to see it.

At the edge/top of another waterfall.
"Ken Kundap" Falls (to be verified as I might have mix-up with the names)

Afterwards, I went upstream to see my targeted waterfalls.

Gawed (Gawud) Falls
Located farther downstream of Baybayki falls, it has a wider basin or natural pool area.

After lingering there for a while, taking photographs and videos, I left the area using that small gully going up until it intersects at the trail above. The trail that led me back to the river (top of the waterfall), went to the other side and the short trail going up to the residential area.
I went back to the sari-sari store, had another drink (yes, I needed sugar on a cold drink badly after those tiring walks) and told them where I've been. That I was on top of another waterfall after the Gawed Falls and how I wish to go down to see its cascade. That's the time they told me where to go again and that there were more cascades/waterfalls downstream. 
I looked at my watch and it was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. There was no time for another exploration.
I thanked them and told them that I will be coming back for it.
It was time to leave and walk my way down that steep and winding road.
On my way down, I opened my umbrella as I can't bear the scorching heat of the afternoon sun. 
I arrived at downtown Alilem and from there, I rode a passenger motorbike going back to downtown Sudipen, La Union and eventually on a bus bound for Home Sweet Home.

-end of pagnapagna-

For the first part:

The names of the waterfalls are for verifications


Subject: "Gawed" Falls (Gawud)
Location: Barangay of Batbato
Municipality of Alilem
Province of Ilocos Sur

How to get there:



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