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"My Second time around  to visit this old Bell Tower that served also as Watchtower.
I think this completes my post for the Ilocos Sur Watchtowers."

-my pagnapagna-
(January 28, 2019 a Monday)

At Bantay, Ilocos Sur, around 5 o'clock in the morning, I went to see the old Bell Tower but unfortunately, it was still too dark, the Bell Tower can not be detected by the camera (and barely with the naked eye) and the sign said that the park will open at 6 o'clock.
I went back at the roadside and went to eat "Mikki" at an eatery near the plaza.

"Mikki"  for the early morning. There is also a 24 hour fastfood chain nearby.

Soon the park opened at exactly 6 o'clock that morning and I was the first and only visitor at that time. After signing at their visitors' logbook, the man manning the park called my attention and tapped the donation box and said "Donation, donation". 
"Wen manong, madamdamas (Yes sir, afterwards)", I answered.
I went inside the gated park and started taking photographs and videos.
Soon the stall owners inside the park started arriving and eventually opened for business.
One by one tourists also started arriving.

The Bantay Church Bell Tower
This bricks Bell tower is independently constructed away from the church on top of a mound/hill. Aside from housing the church's bells, because of its vantage point in elevation, it also served as a watchtower where one can see the 360 degrees view of the surrounding area.
It actually was built as a watchtower in 1591 then turned into a bell tower for the nearby St. Augustine Parish Church in 1857.

one of the views from above the tower, the cemetery and distant mountains
After  taking the much needed photographs and videos, I left the area and went to nearby Municipal Hall of Bantay to get more information on their tourist spots.

-end of pagnapagna-

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Subject: Bantay Bell Tower
Location: Bantay, Ilocos Sur
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