Monday, February 18, 2019

Ciano UMOK Gallery Cafe


"A first of its kind in the locality where one immerses into arts
while indulging on a cold & sweetly delicious halo-halo"

-my pagnapagna-
(February 18, 2019 a Monday)

It was in the afternoon, around some few minutes after 2 o'clock when I rode a mini-bus bound for Dagupan City (or must be Carmen , Rosales). Anyway, it was southbound coming from San Fernando City.
I alighted at a branching road on the east side of the national highway some 60 meters before a small bridge at barangay Guerero.
Barangay Guerero is located around 4 kilometers after Bauang town proper when coming from the north.
From that welcome arch by the highway, I opted to walk even when there were tricycles around.  After around 30 minutes, I arrived at my destination.
As I walked towards the old house turned cafe-gallery, I noticed the moringa/horseradish tree (malunggay) at the front corner of the lot. It was flowering and fruiting at that time. Noticeably it was not the usual local variety as it has longer fruits and somewhat twirls around.

The sign says , "This way". I went farther inside to a high-ceiling sitting area with tables just like a house veranda or a wide porch. Artworks were on display and some old & local artifacts such the likes of bamboo baskets.
The ambiance was quiet and almost laid-back just like in the countryside.

 A lady came out from the door near the counter and I asked for "Ciano" since we had known each other few years back and been in the informal group of "Ag Sketch Tayo" wherein we go out and do outdoor sketching.
While waiting, I went inside the main gallery and looked at the various paintings. Afterwards, I went back to the afternoon sunlit main area and scanned some reading materials.

Few minutes later, "Ciano" came out smiling. He seemed to have just came from a relaxing afternoon nap.
We talked as the specialty of the house was served. Their Halo-halo was just right for that summer afternoon.
After looking around and that inspiring talk with the artist-owner, it was time to leave.
Leave for my next destination which was the nearby mountain peak.

-end of pagnapagna-

Thanks to 
Artist/owner Cesar "Umok Ciano" Dumo

Aside from their own version of Halo-halo
they also have others listed in their menu.
It is wise to inform them beforehand 
if you visit them in large group.


Subject: Ciano Umok Gallery Cafe
Location: barangay of Palugsi-Limmansangan,
Municipality of  Bauang
Province of La Union
How to get there:


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