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The OLD BRIDGES of San Juan


"Arches are romantic"

-my pagnapagna-
(April 15, 2019 a Monday)

It was a Holy Week and I went back to take a look again at these two old bridges of San Juan, La Union.
The first time I went to see the first bridge was when it was scheduled to be demolished to make way for a new, stronger and wider reinforced concrete bridge back in February of 2017 through the invitation of co-artist "Geofrey" who happened to be a resident of the said municipality.
Two weeks later, I went back to make a sketch of the said old bridge.

In March of the same year (2017), on my way back from Tangadan falls of San Gabriel, together with "Geofrey" we went to see the the second old bridge.

The Old Bridge #1
It is supported underneath with two arches made of stones while at its lower portion comprises of bricks. Looking from underneath at its arches, imprints of the "sawali" (weaved bamboo skin to form a mat) they used as formworks to hold its arched shape, can be seen.

The Old Bridge #2
It is a smaller version of the Old Bridge #1 located at the south-eastern side.

Through "Geoffrey's" initiative, the Old bridge #2 was saved from being totally demolished.
As of my latest visit, the Old Bridge #2 was of the same state when we first seen it back in 2017. On the other hand, the Old Bridge #1, although some of its upper sides were destroyed because of the new construction, it silently lies idle now beneath the newly constructed bridge. It had served its purpose of bridging lives from the time it was built which must be sometime during the Church of San Juan, La Union was also built (1707) until just recently when the new bridge was built above it. And now, it remains a remnant of the past, a cultural heritage to those who value structures of the past.

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