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"The Bell was finally back to its Home Sweet Home"

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April 18, 2019 a Maundy Thursday

I've been always want to see this bell since it made news 3 years ago and it is only now that I've got the chance to see it. 
Until one take a closer look and read what was written in its plaque, the bell which was now placed at north corner the church's facade, just before the belfry, may look ordinary and be mistaken as an ornament to a covered wishing well.
Looking at it, one can't help but hear echoes of its historical pass. Echoes of its glory days when it rung for the people of Bauang. It sounds had invited people to convene for special occasions and events of the church. It may had also had warned the people of calamities and other unfortunate events.

The San Pedro Bell
This bell was originally presented to Friar Mariano Garcia on behalf of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in 1883 by Governor Mariano Balancio and Hilario Calica. It remained in the Church belfry until 1901 when it was removed by U.S. forces stationed in the Philippines. It was later taken to the United States by General Thomas Barry. The circumstances surrounding the removal of the bell and its journey to the U.S. remain lost in history.
-quoted from the 1st paragraph of the plaque placed near the bell
(Please visit the place for the complete data)
The bell was finally returned and placed to where it is now at the Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Church sometime in May of 2016.

Not its will to have traveled far, away from its rightful owners but after more than a 100 years, it is now in its Home Sweet Home.

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Subject: San Pedro Bell
Location: Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Church,
Municipality of  Bauang
Province of La Union

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