The pagnapagna Artist
(Hiking Artist)
and some of his works

As a child he was into drawing. 
From various cartoon characters and into portraits which he copied from newspapers and magazines. He loved coloring books and "connect-the-dots" (a kind of drawing puzzle/exercise where one draws a line between numbered dots to form a figure). He also was into some on-the-spot poster and slogan competitions. His first competition (inter-school Elementary days) was during a "crime prevention week" which he won first prize with his entry entitled "Busy hands prevents crime" with his mentor who was "Mr. Gacayan" a drafting teacher of the "DMMMSU-CET"  now known as Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University - Mid La Union Campus (DMMMSU-MLUC).
Old Watercolor paintings
1-"Saranggola ni Pepe"(Pepe's Kite)    2-"Madam Zodiah: Hula Horoscope at iba pa"
3-"Kite Flyers"    4-"Ricado"    5-"Afternoon Siesta"    6-"Endangered Specie"

He took up Drafting during his Laboratory High School and pursued Architecture when he was in College at Saint Louis College San Fernando City, La Union with some cross enrolls (summer classes) at Baguio Colleges Foundation (University of Cordilleras).

He should have taken Fine Arts but because of financial constraints, he took up what was second to his heart which is Architecture.

a-"Alpha and Omega"     b-"Bago"
One day, his old friend visited him. His name was "Aaron" who also was an artist and great in his art. 
Oil on Canvas
"Ina ken Anak" (Mother and Child)   and    "Child's Play Tops"

He encouraged him to join national competition. And so, they did went into national competitions even if he was having problems financially. Materials and transporting his entries for competitions from the province to Manila was among them. 
After winning some competitions, he took up the Architecture Board exam, passed and the rest was history.
other works
1-"Icons" acrylic on canvas    2-"Sangkalan ng pananampalataya" (Chopping board of faith) watercolor
3-"Doming mabalin amin" (Doming jack of all trades) acrylic on canvas   4-"My earth" oil on canvas
Sometime in the past, he came across LUMOT (La Union Mountaineering and Outdoor Team). He joined two hikes with them. One was when they went to Mt. Sto. Tomas in Tuba, Benguet and the other was with the Ambangeg-Akiki Trail to Mt. Pulag.
with his watercolor painting "Piyesta Karnabal"
"One indigenous Message" oil on canvas

As of now, he is into "pagnapagna" in his regional home which are the Ilocos and the Cordilleras and finds some times to infuse his art with his hikes and travels through on-site sketching.
"Ag Snow Kuma" (Hoping it would snow) acrylic on canvas

"1917" acrylic on canvas


Recently proclaimed himself as a "Hiking Artist", he obviously loves a walk with nature, alone or with a friend or two.

He was awarded by the Metrobank Foundation as Second place in the Watercolor category in the 12th Metrobank Foundation National Painting Competition with his work "Lingid sa Kaalaman, Ligaw sa Kinagisnan"

"Lingid sa Kaalaman, Ligaw sa Kinagisnan"
and Honorable Mention with his work "Mga Biktima, Pagkakasala at Pagsisisi (Sarili Ikinubli ng Pangyayari)" in the Metrobank Foundation Inc. Young Painter’s Annual National Painting Competition, both are now known as Metrobank Art and Design Excellence Competition (MADE). 
"Mga Biktima, Pagkakasala at Pagsisisi
(Sarili Ikinubli ng Pangyayari)"

He also made it as finalist (honorable mention) with his work "Sarah's Red Ribbon" in the 1996 Philippine Arts Awards with watercolor as his medium.

"Sarah's Red Ribbon"
He currently plans to be "regional" with his arts reflecting his regional home that is the Ilocos Region and the Cordillera Administrative Region.

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